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Johnson O'Malley Program

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What is the Johnson O'Malley Program

The Johnson O'Malley Program is a federal program that provides educational assistance to Native American students. It was originally established in 1934 to provide financial assistance for Native American students to attend school. Today, the program provides a range of services, including tutoring, counseling, and cultural enrichment programs. The program is designed to help Native American students overcome the challenges they face in education and achieve their full potential.
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Bureau of Indian Education Johnson O’Malley Program (BIE-JOM)    

Johnson O’Malley (JOM) is a federally funded program and is authorized to provide services by the Johnson O’Malley Act of 1934. In 1958, Public Law 81-874, administered through the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, was amended to include educational assistance to American Indian children. This Act authorizes contracts for the subsidized education of eligible American Indian and Alaska Native students; varied programming may include, culture, language, academics and dropout prevention. Funds may not be utilized for capitol expenditures. An educational plan, approved by the BIE, contains educational objectives to address the needs of the eligible student(s). Eligible applicants for JOM partnership and funding are school districts, tribal organizations, or states with eligible American Indian and Alaska Native children attending their schools. 

Navajo Nation Johnson O’Malley Plan of Operation; Section II: Purpose (NN-JOM)

The Department of Johnson-O'Malley provides supplemental funding, pursuant to 25 CFR Part 273-Johnson-O'Malley Program for eligible Native American students in public schools, tribal organizations, Indian corporation and previously private schools with unique and specialized educational supports and opportunities i.e. substance abuse counseling, teacher assistants, tutoring program, home school liaison, summer schools, curriculum development, Navajo language/culture enrichment, and other necessary supplemental programs.

These programs are implemented with active parental involvement through subcontracts to establish a local Indian Education Committee (IEC) as provided for by 25 CFR Section 273.16, (and related provisions thereof) to conduct needs assessments, planning, development, implementation and evaluation.

Central Consolidated School District Johnson O’Malley Program (CCSD-JOM) 

The Navajo Nation Johnson O’Malley Program office contracts with our CCSD to provide JOM programming.  Two requirements for implementation are the establishment of an Indian Education Committee (IEC) and that an Education Plan is created and accepted by the Navajo Nation JOM program. This Education Plan has goals and objectives to meet five support service components, which are developed by utilizing an assessment that is completed each year, IEC school visits, input from parents, and data from district report(s). Our students, parents, teachers, and schools benefit from the JOM program. 

Eligibility for CCSD JOM

  • Eligible students from age 3 through grade 12 should have membership in a federally recognized tribe.

  • Copy of student certificate of tribal membership must be on file in the JOM program office. 

CCSD JOM-Indian Education Committee

Indian Education Committee (IEC) are elected from the parents of eligible American Indian students enrolled in CCSD. Persons acting in “loco parentis” (assuming the “place of the parent’s, such as legal guardians or parents of adopted children) may, also serve. School officials or school administrators cannot serve on the IEC. 

IEC have established procedures, which, assists to guide the committee with decision making. These procedures are listed in the approved by-laws of the committee. 

Role and Duties of IEC Participation

  • Full participation in; planning, development, implementation and evaluation for JOM programming

  • Approve and disapprove all programs of JOM; All programs require prior approval of the IEC

  • Conduct annual assessments of the learning needs of American Indian students at each school in the district

  • Meet regularly with the professional staff serving American Indian students 

  • Provide updates to the CCSD School Board regarding the JOM Program