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The Transportation Department looks forward to having your child on board. Our number one priority is getting your children to school and back home safely. We encourage parents to talk to their children about rules and regulations when they are on the school bus. We also encourage parents to get their students on the bus to ensure they get to school on time and safely.

Attached is the updated Transportation Safety for transporting students during the COVID pandemic.

Last Day for Field Trips

May 20, 2022

Transportation Staff & Contacts

Transportation Coordinator (Kirtland, Newcomb, Shiprock)
Cynthia Theodore

Shiprock (505) 368-5760 / Fax: (505) 368-5754
Mildred Nez, Clerical Transportation
Lance Roundy, Mechanic
Danny Zerface, Mechanic
Kirtland (505) 598-5545 / Fax: (505) 598-9502
Tileda Harry, Clerical Transportation
Dean Bekise, Mechanic
Christopher Smith, Service Tech
Roland Etcitty, Parts Manager
Newcomb (505) 696-3422 / Fax: (505) 696-3204
Donna Benally, Clerical Transportation
Sheldon Joe, Transportation Specialist/Mechanic
Paul Russell, Service Tech