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Commitment to Equity Policy

The Central Consolidated School District is committed to ensuring equity in educational opportunities for all students. We recognize the historic inequitable actions that have led to achievement and social-emotional gaps, and value diverse culture and language. The district implements various multicultural education statutes, providing goals and requirements for providing an equitable, culturally relevant education to Native American, Hispanic, African-American, English-Language Learners, and At-Risk students. CCSD also prioritize identifying learning and other disabilities early on to provide support and resources for students to reach their full potential.

More information: Cohesive Act Policy


2024 Spring Stakeholder Meetings
In a collaborative effort to ensure that all students continue to have success in the classroom/school environment, we recognize that you play an important role in CCSD and welcome your perspective. The purpose of our meeting is to give all stakeholders the opportunity to listen and provide input.
Meeting ID: 839 2205 7953 Passcode: 533296
For CCSD Students 8th-12th grades and Equity Council Members
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Equity Council Program

Students active in their leadership roles

Equity Students Advocate at the State Capitol

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