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Student Registration

Enrollment for the 2024/25 school year is now open for new student registration!

If your child is returning to CCSD, registration is open on July 22. If you need help with accessing a computer or the username & password, please call your school for further assistance.

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Voice Recognition


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Wi-Fi Change

The guest Wi-Fi is no longer available to the general public, as it was meant to be temporary during the time all students were taking classes remotely, and caused serious bandwidth slow down issues. Personal devices are not supported on our network or Wi-Fi. Guest access is only provided by special request to site administrators for vendors performing work at a site. For Internet access on personal devices, please use your cell phone service provider.

Technology Staff

Michael Thomas
Technology Support Coordinator
Phone: (505)-368-5984 ext. 

The Technology Department has two goals:
  • Complete 90% of all work orders by end of next day
  • All work orders completed within 10 days.

Webtrekker allows teachers and students to login and access their files, saved on school servers from outside the district network.

Web Filter

Central Consolidated School District utilizes the Securly web filter solution in order to properly permit or block web content and remain compliant with the U.S. Children’s Internet Protection Act. Securly utilizes a certificate in order accurately inspect and decrypt certain websites. These websites include Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo. The Securly certificate is deployed automatically on any CCSD Microsoft Windows device. Other devices will have limited Internet access, which may result in SSL certificate errors unless the certificate is manually installed.