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Voice Recognition

Graduate Profile

What is Graduate Profile?

Central Consolidated Schools (CCSD) is asking for community input. We are facilitating discussions with a variety of stakeholder groups to better understand the knowledge, skills, values, and cultural/linguistic competencies high school students should have mastered by the time they graduate in order to succeed in college, career, and life. The findings will help our district make plans regarding policy and practice at all grade levels.
Graduate Profile will... 

Define CCSD’s graduates
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Culture
  • Language
For more information, please contact Dr. Louisa Lopez-Martinez at [email protected], (505) 368-5177. 

Graduate Profile Art Contest 2022

Art Contest Winners 2022

Art of Wellness Contest Announcement

This Art Contest is an activity to raise awareness about children’s physical and mental health in the Central Consolidated School District. Whole Child wellness is a district initiative that was identified by the Graduate Profile focus groups and survey. We encourage children and teens across our district to participate in this art contest as we recognize the importance of art to good physical and mental wellness. 

Theme: CCSD Art of Wellness

How do you stay healthy?

What are some ways you overcome challenges?

How do you stay emotionally/mentally well?

How do you build relationships with others?

How do you ask for help?

Art Contest Documents