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Welcome to the Purchasing page!
DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of every bidder or offeror to ensure they have downloaded the latest version of each solicitation, including any addendum(s) which may have been issued, by revisiting this website prior to the due date before submitting their response to the Central Consolidated School District. All addendums must be acknowledged in the response.
Any listed solicitation does not obligate the Central Consolidated School District for any cost(s) associated with any response preparation, the return of a response, and is not to be considered a contract for any purchase of goods, services, or construction.
Please note that all bids must be submitted by the due date and time as stated in the bid documents. Central Consolidated School District does not accept responses electronically, by fax or email. Proposals must be submitted as a hardcopy with original signature. Allow one (1) additional business day for internal CCSD mail distribution. Responses arriving after the due date or time will be returned unopened.

Current Bids / Sole Source / Request for ProposalAddendum
2021-SSO-136 School RN LPN
2021-SSO-137 Sign Language Interpreter
2021-SSO-138 SLP Apprentice SLP
2021-SSO-139 Teletherapy Services SLP

2020-SSO-134 Special Education Teacher
2020-SSO-131 Audiologist
2020-SSO-130 Diagnostician
2020-SSO-133 OTCOTA
2020-SSO-132 School Psychologist
Auto Chlor Systems of Albuquerque
Open Text

Emergency Procurement

[Click here] to download the Emergency Determination Form
The emergency Procurement method may only be used where there exists a threat to public health, welfare, safety or property requiring procurement under emergency conditions. (NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-127)

Pro Tow
Interstate Recovery Towing
Rose Bros Heating Cooling Mechanical

Sole Source Determination Form
A Sole source purchase is defined as only one supplier for the required service, construction or item of tangible personal property, to the best of the Purchasing Department’s knowledge based on market research. Sole source purchases are made in accordance with 13-1-126 NMSA 1978.
A sole source determination is not effective until the determination has been approved, in writing by the Chief Procurement Officer or designee even if signed by the department and/or school, or prospective contractor.

Contact Purchasing

Purchasing Supervisor
Christi Walter
[email protected]
Please direct all vendor solicitations or questions to:
[email protected]