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Warehouse Team

If you have a problem, we have a solution!

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CCSD Warehouse
76 C County Road 6500      
Kirtland, NM 87417      
(505) 598-5859 

Team Leader: Sheba Joe, Warehouse Supervisor
Standing: Christian Guoladdle, Mamie Goldtooth, Jacob Belin, Mikeal Smiley and Martin Johnson
Kneeling:  Elias LaMotte and Sheba Joe

Our Contribution:  
Food Services: Kitchen Food Receiving & Delivery:
The Warehouse Receives Food, Monitors Food Storage, Inventory & Delivers food to all School Kitchens.

Receiving & Delivering District Wide:  

All items purchased on a Purchase Order are received & delivered to All Schools and Departments District Wide.

Work Orders for Moving:
All requests for moving large furniture and heavy items are made through School Dude Maintenance Requests.

Custodial Chemicals & Supplies:
All Requests for Custodial Supplies are made through School Dude Inventory Direct. The Warehouse Receives, Issues, Inventory & Delivers All Custodial Chemicals & Supplies District Wide.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplies:
All Requests for PPE Supplies are made trough School Dude Maintenance Requests.
The Warehouse Receives, Issues, Inventory, Reports & Delivers PPE District Wide.
District Asset Control: 
The Warehouse Receive Assets, Track Assets & Dispose Assets District Wide.

District Interdepartmental Mail:  
Mail Runs are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.





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