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A Message from Central Schools

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members; 
Out of an abundance of caution, please note that the District’s decision to close our schools to hybrid instruction may extend beyond the current re-entry date of December 1st.  Considerations for reopening include external spread rates as well as the positive cases identified at each school site.  CCSD continues to report positive cases whether remote or in hybrid.  Presently, our CCSD regional area is experiencing a large number of positive cases from external threats.
During any 14 day closure, please know that CCSD considers the guidance from the NMPED as well as additional orders from the Governor of NM and Navajo Nation. Our decision to close CCSD buildings for these 14 days is consistent with the orders issued by the NMDOH, Navajo Nation, and NMPED regarding the number of RAPID RESPONSES and mandatory closures; however CCSD is using POSITIVE CASES as a guidance tool, again out of an abundance of caution for our students, families, and staff.
As a reminder for all, CCSD began instruction later than most other districts to keep students and staff safe and prepare for a remote only first semester.  At that time, parents from all communities voiced a need for in-person learning and some staff indicated they felt safe returning to work.  As a result of this input, CCSD Board of Education decided to authorize CCSD to offer in-person instruction to students.  CCSD Administration worked with schools to identify and target the re-opening to only those expressing the most need for in-person instruction and whose parents felt comfortable. The safety considerations of staff were also considered in the decision to open ANY school. No staff member was mandated or forced to work in a hybrid setting.  All schools were opened by local decision makers, and will remain so based upon the same set of stakeholders.  CCSD monitors the external spread within our schools and will adjust the in-person instruction accordingly.  To view this data, click here.  If you would like a hardcopy of the data, please e-mail Roberto Taboada at: [email protected].
CCSD mandated closure: no staff will be allowed in our building prior to designated closure periods determined by CCSD (and government agencies as appropriate). Remote learning at any site continues during the building’s closure.
As a result of rising external rates some schools have requested to enter into a REMOTE ONLY instructional model through the entire holiday season due to current rising virus infection rates prior to the NM Governor’s orders to suspend in person learning while others may return to hybrid learning after the 11/30th order expires.  Please keep in mind that Kirtland Elementary has decided to join that list.  Presently, Judy Nelson is the only elementary school that has not requested remote only instructional mode.

Some of our school buildings will remain closed due to COVID infection rates.  Currently, the school sites or buildings include: Kirtland Elementary, Kirtland Middle School, Kirtland High School  (Kirtland Elementary is open for REMOTE instruction only for 2 weeks beginning Monday, November 23rd through December 6th - inclusive of the Thanksgiving break.)
CCSD is committed to ensuring we can SERVE the educational needs of our students in the SAFEST manner possible.
In order to honor the requests to move to remote only learning for the rest of the semester,  CCSD is reaching out to the parents who elected to have their students partake in hybrid learning. CCSD continues to take the voices of these parents and stakeholders into consideration and gather the necessary data to show that our stakeholders all elect to have a remote only learning option at any of our schools. We plan to serve all stakeholders who request to have their educational services offered through the HYBRID learning model.  Currently, CCSD would be able to offer in person instruction to students from December 1st through December 18th (3 weeks maximum) if any school does not report more than 3 positive cases within a 2 week rolling period.
It is imperative to maintain our focus on safety as much as delivering in-person instruction to those who most need it.  In this manner, CCSD will continue with its deliberate and thoughtful decisions about when and how to offer hybrid services during the current public health pandemic.
Thank you for your continued partnership,
Daniel P. Benavidez
Central Consolidated Schools

CCSD Forums

In accordance with CCSD’s good faith efforts to provide instruction in the most meaningful way possible during a global health pandemic, we invite you to converse with us in various means. CCSD will host a number of public forums to discuss issues concerning learning environment models hybrid/remote, grading, learning loss, and solutions for these challenges.

CCSD Survey 2021-2022
In addition to our public forums, we also would like for our families and staff to participate in the survey below.  It is imperative that we find ways to address potential learning gaps caused by COVID-19.  The survey below is ONLY for academic year 2021-2022. Thank you!

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