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Career Prep High School News

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Career Prep High School News


High School Seniors can get: 
  • $40,000 scholarship to college
  • guaranteed internship at Amazon

[email protected]

The next session of [email protected] will run November 28th December 15th.
Classes meet Monday - Thursday, 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Meet with Ms. Brown to see what classes you need to take and to sign up!

MEDIA from the 10.26.22 ELTP DAY!

Click " More + " to see the media from a wonderful day of fun!
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We have a new way to check if you can take your bag to class:

All bags taken to class must fit on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper on any side.

Larger bags MUST remain in your locker.


Seniors, if you need money for college, check out this scholarship opportunity: 

Phoenix Summer Creations 2022


What about retaking classes;
how much time and
income could that have been?

Block class ~ 1.5. hours/day
Study Skills ~ 0.5 hours/day
Total ~ 7 hours/day
One Quarter ~ 45 days

$14.44 * 7 * 45 = $4,548.60
$18.66 * 7 * 45 = $5,877.90


COLORS: in progress!
SONG: in progress! 
FLOWER: in progress! 
MOTTO: in progress! 


Kirtland & Newcomb

Students who ride the bus from Kirtland and Newcomb please SIGN IN when you enter the school.
We need to know you are here and know who is riding the bus in the afternoon.

5 at 5

PARENTS please take 5 minutes at 5:00 pm to check  PowerSchool for each of your children.

  • This is a quick way to keep up with their progress in school.
  • This can also give you a conversation starter to ask how they feel about school and if they are having any triumphs or troubles to share with you!
  • Click HERE to log in to PowerSchool

Mission Statement

The mission of Career Prep High School is to provide students with the opportunities necessary to earn a high school diploma. This will be accomplished by creating a positive learning environment, maintaining high expectations and challenging students to make choices that will result in life-long learning, career development, cultural awareness and community involvement.