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Career Prep Graduates
Career Prep Graduates
Career Prep Graduates

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Which one you see will depend on the device you are using.

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Career Prep High School News


  • UNDER 18 students need to submit a Responsibility Form to receive their MacBook.
  • NEW STUDENTS need to request a MacBook, and will receive a MacBook when it's been prepared.

[email protected]

[email protected] began Monday, September 13th.
  • Classes meet Monday - Thursday.
  • Class times are 4:15pm to 7:15pm.
The next session of [email protected] will be October 6th - 27th.
Please sign up in the office if you are interested in attending.


Starting September 10th thru October 22nd, CCSD will have Early Release every Friday.

ALL STUDENTS to receive School Supplies!

Click " more + " to see what students will receive!
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CCSD #22 CALENDAR for School Year 2021-22

The CCSD School Board has approved the Academic Calendar for School Year 2021-22.
School starts on Monday, August 16th!

Kirtland & Newcomb

Students who ride the bus from Kirtland and Newcomb please SIGN IN when you enter the school.
We need to know you are here and know who is riding the bus in the afternoon.

Tech Support

If you have any questions or issues with school technology, Google, Gmail, etc... please see Mrs. Mizell in room B154.

5 at 5

PARENTS please take 5 minutes at 5:00 pm to check  PowerSchool for each of your children.

  • This is a quick way to keep up with their progress in school.
  • This can also give you a conversation starter to ask how they feel about school and if they are having any triumphs or troubles to share with you!
  • Click HERE to log in to PowerSchool

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CPHS Building Info

The Career Prep High School building will be open for Hybrid Learning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
The building will remain closed on Wednesdays.

If you are coming to school, please check-in on the SchoolInfo App.

If you are just turning in work, please put it in the drop box by the front door.
Also, make sure your name is on every sheet so your papers go to the correct teacher and you get credit for your work.


This is an update for how attendance and assignments will be handled from this week forward. 

Please pay attention to the steps that you must take each day in order to not be marked absent or dropped from our rolls. 


1. EACH DAY you must contact each of your teachers. You can do this in many ways:

  • attend their Zoom/Meet session 
  • email them through your school Gmail account
  • text pictures of the work you are doing to Mrs. Gallaher- her number is 505-608-0140
  • call Mrs. Gallaher to make other arrangements, if needed (do this ASAP- you need to set up a way to make contact every day)



2. Packets may be dropped off in the drop box outside of the building. This will allow for no contact delivery of your work. 

  • Work must be completed and returned no less than once every two weeks in order for you to stay in good standing with attendance. 
  • Work must write your name on each sheet of paper you turn in (including those stapled together, in folders, in envelopes, etc...) so that it goes to the correct teacher and you get credit for your work.
  • You may also upload assignments into your Google Classroom no less than once every two weeks. 


Most importantly, we hope each of you are staying safe and please let us know if you need any assistance with anything.

It is important you stay in contact with us and that we have a chance to reach out and help you, when needed.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Career Prep High School is to provide students with the opportunities necessary to earn a high school diploma. This will be accomplished by creating a positive learning environment, maintaining high expectations and challenging students to make choices that will result in life-long learning, career development, cultural awareness and community involvement.