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Finance and Accounting

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Public Input Meetings 2021

Central Consolidated School District’s Finance Department is currently putting together the school budget for the 2021-2022 school year. The public input meetings are intended to make the budget process more collaborative and informative.  This process will help community members share opinions and input with the leadership team and Board of Education. For more information, you can contact our Finance Department at 505-368-4984.
Click here to give us your feedback. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Finance and Accounting Staff

Accounts Payable
Shannon Vigil, AP Specialist, Extension 10115
[email protected]
Accounts Receivable / Facility Use
Sandra Ration, Clerical, Extension 10103
[email protected]
Herbie Clichee, Business Coordinator, Extension 10116
[email protected]
Cash Management / Student Activity
Lucy Jackson, Finance Specialist, Extension 10117
[email protected]
Vacant, Finance Specialist, Extension 10114

Dom Atcitty, Finance Specialist, Extension 20118
[email protected]
Christi Walter, Purchasing Supervisor
[email protected]
Samantha Hatathle, Payroll Specialist, Extension 10133
[email protected]
Wanda Smith, Payroll Specialist 10131
[email protected]
Payroll Communications Process:
First time communications with the Payroll office regarding issues or questions regarding an employee’s paycheck should be sent via email. DO NOT e-mail an individual directly, but rather use the following address: [email protected]. Payroll will assign the proper person to review and make every effort to respond within four working hours.
ALL e-mails should include:
  • The employee’s name as on their earnings statement
  • The pay date in question
  • A brief explanation of the problem
  • Time and leave corrections