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Finance and Accounting

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Welcome to the Finance Department's Page!

Meet Our Staff

Herbie Ellison
Business Coordinator
[email protected]

Yá’át’ééh!  My name is Herbie Clichee, I've been with CCSD for nine years.  I hold a BA in Business Administration, MBA in Management, Level II Business License and a Procurement Certificate.  As the Business Coordinator, I work with School and Department Support staff to provide assistance with Operational and Impact Aid budget reporting and compliance.  Additional responsibilities include Fixed Asset and Construction in Progress reporting.  I believe in sharing my expertise to give the educators of our district the tools needed to provide the best opportunities for our students.

Christi Walter
Purchasing Coordinator
[email protected]
Ya’at’44h. My name is Christi Walter.  I am of the Tl’11shch7’7 clan, born for the T0tsohnii clan. My maternal grandfathers are of the Bit’ahnii clan and my paternal grandfathers are of the Dib4 {izhini clan.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with CCSD for ten years. I hold a BA in Business Administration, a Level I Business License and a NM Procurement Certificate. As the Purchasing Supervisor, the guidance and support I provide in collaboration with the district departments and schools includes acquisitions of goods and services in compliance with NM Procurement Codes and federal regulations. I appreciate working with the staff of CCSD and use my skills to assist in every effort to meet the needs of our district and stakeholders. Outside of work, I spend a considerable amount of time with my family enjoying biking, camping, traveling, gardening and other activities.

Sandra Ration 
Accounts Receivable/Facility Use
[email protected]
Sandra Ration has worked many years at Central Consolidated School District. Currently, Ms. Ration handles all the deposits and Facility Use request for the district.

Lucille Begay
Finance Specialist - General Accounting

 Ya’ at’ eeh,
I am of the Dziltl’ahnii clan, born for TsinSikaadnii, Ashiihi da shi cheii doo’Ta’chii’nii da shi nali’. Currently, I am employed   here at CCSD within the Finance Department as General Accounting Specialist.  Prior to my employment at CCSD, I’ve    had the opportunity to work with the tribal enterprise, NECA, with various B.I.E. Grants and Contracts schools in AZ and NM and with our two tribal colleges.
I am a graduate of Shiprock High. I’ve earned my BA Degree in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College. I currently have a NM Level Two Business Officials License. I enjoy sporting events, such as, basketball, football, bowling, cross country and rodeo and love to travel. I am married and have children, grandchildren and a great grandchild.

Dom Atcitty
Finance Specialist - Grants
[email protected]

Domonique C. Atcitty is the Finance Specialist for Central Consolidated School District. Domonique graduated from Shiprock High School and enrolled and graduated from Haskell Indian Nations University with an  Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Mr. Atcitty has been working with Central Consolidated School District for 3 years and provides technical and administrative support in the field of grant management and procurement for the district to ensure compliance of state and federal regulations. Mr. Atcitty holds a Chief Procurement Officer Certification with the New Mexico State Purchasing Division.

In his free time, Domonique enjoys running, camping, hiking, hunting, being outdoors and being with family and friends. 

Lucy Jackson
Finance Specialist - Grants
[email protected]
Yá'át'ééh, Shí éí Lucy Jackson yinishyé, Lok'aa'dine'e nishlii, Todich'ii'nii bashaschiin, Kiyaa'aanii dashicheii, Naakai dine'e dashinalii. Tó Dínéeshzhee' déénaashá.  I am the Grant Finance Specialist for CCSD. Prior to coming to CCSD I worked at Kayenta Unified School for 20 years.  I reside in Huerfano, New Mexico. My extra time is spent with my family and pursuing my educational goals.


Samantha Hatathle
Finance Specialist - Payroll
[email protected]
My name is Samantha R. Hatathle, Payroll Specialist, in the Finance Department. I have been working for CCSD for 9 years. I began my career with one year at Tse Bit Ai Middle School and eight years within the Finance Department. I graduated from Shiprock High School. I attended college at Haskell Indian Nations University where I played basketball as well. I also attended Fort Lewis College. I earned Bachelor's degrees from FLC and Haskell. My priority after work is spending time with my husband and 4 children. 

Wanda Smith
Finance Specialist - Payroll
[email protected]
Hi, my name is Wanda Smith. I have lived in Kirtland, NM most of my life and am a graduate of Kirtland Central High School. I have been with Central Consolidated Schools for more than 7 years total. I originally worked in the Data Department, for about 2.5 years, then later at Kirtland Middle School, as a Financial Secretary. I have been in the Finance Department for the last 4 years, working as a Payroll Specialist. I have over 25 years experience working in the Accounting/Bookkeeping field. I do enjoy my work, and my chosen field, however, spending time with my family (my hubby and 4 kids, and their spouses), is my favorite way to spend my time, when I’m not at the job site. I also enjoy traveling to see my kids and grandkids, in the various states around the country, in which they reside.

Mary H Begay
Finance Specialist - Administrative Support
Greetings.  My name is Mary Begay and I am the Administrative Support Specialist for the Finance Department.  I’ve been surrounded by all the great people of CCSD for over five years now first starting out in the Human Resources Department and now in Finance.  My work here is to provide assistance and great customer service to my colleagues as we work as a team in providing what is necessary from our department to fulfill the needs of our students here at CCSD.  Outside work, I love to visit new places, try new craft ideas, bake, and of course spend time with my family.  

Lisa Smith
Finance Specialist - Purchasing
My name is Lisa Smith.  I am Bitterwater, born for Salt people, maternal grandfather is Mexican Clan and Paternal Grandfather is Coyote Pass Clan. My background in education: A.A.S in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, A.A.S Electronics Technology and Bachelors of Science in Applied Management.  My prior work experience allowed me to excel in the manufacturing company for 18 years. I am honored to be a part of the Central Consolidated School District.  I am enjoying my job thus far and I am enthusiastic about contributing to the Purchasing Department as a Purchasing  Specialist.  Aside from work, I enjoy family time, traveling, snowboarding, exploration, spending time on our homeland.

Gloria Moses
Finance Specialist 
Ya’at’eeh shi ei Gloria Moses yinishye. Shi ei Dine nishli, Tachiinii dashima, Ashiihi ei da shizhee’I adoo Honaghahnii ei da shicheii doo Totsohnii ei da shinali. Nahashch’ididee ayisi naasha nidih To alts’isidi ei shighan. I am married with 4 children and 3 grandchildren. I have been working for Newcomb HS for almost 20 years now, 10 years with the Bilingual Department and 10 years in Finance. I am excited to work alongside some very knowledgeable and awesome coworkers.

Aaron Barber
Accounts Payable Specialist
Greetings, my name is Aaron Barber and I am the new Accounts Payable, Finance Specialist here at CCSD. I graduated from Newcomb High School and I received my associate’s degree in business administration at San Juan College. I have been part of the Finance department for one year. I was a school bus driver for four years at the Newcomb bus barn, and the financial secretary at Eva B. Stokely Elementary for one year.
I am grateful for the opportunities that CCSD has provided to me. My plans are to finish up my bachelor’s degree in business through New Mexico Highlands University and continue to help the finance team reach its goals. With my free time, I enjoy long walks, lifting weights, traveling, and working on cars/trucks.  

Payroll Communications Process

First time communications with the Payroll office regarding issues or questions regarding an employee’s paycheck should be sent via email. DO NOT e-mail an individual directly, but rather use the following address: [email protected]. Payroll will assign the proper person to review and make every effort to respond within four working hours.
ALL e-mails should include:
  • The employee’s name as on their earnings statement
  • The pay date in question
  • A brief explanation of the problem
  • Time and leave corrections