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Spring Assessment Results 2022

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SAT School Day

The SAT is a national assessment developed by The College Board to measure knowledge and skills that can consistently predict a student’s success in college and workforce training programs.

Who takes the SAT School Day?
All 11th grade students in New Mexico public schools will participate in the SAT during the school day in spring 2022, except for those students who take the alternate assessment based upon an IEP.  

How is the test administered?
The spring 2022 SAT School Day is primarily administered digitally, with a paper and pencil option available upon request for schools who do not meet the minimum technical requirements necessary for digital testing. The test is administered during the school day in three sections: Reading, Writing & Language, and Mathematics. The essay section has been removed. The SAT is a timed test.  

What is the test score range?
Test scores range from 400–1600 for the mathematics and reading/writing sections combined. Performance levels will be determined after the spring 2022 administration as part of standard setting.

When is the test given?
CCSD high school juniors will take the SAT on April 13th.


Parent Assessment Portal

Results from the iMSSA middle-of the-year (MOY) administration are now available in the Parent Portal. Resources in English and Spanish to help parents access and interpret the results can be downloaded from below.

Resources for Parents:

Academic and Assessment Calendars



Data and Assessment

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The Data and Assessment department provides accessible and efficient data to schools and outside organizations, and guides the coordination and communication with schools and departments to support program needs. The department supports personalized learning in the differentiation of instructional strategies, resources and digital tools through program integration with Student Information System (PowerSchool). Data and Assessment serves Central Consolidated School by providing timely, accurate data and support for the purpose of improving student outcomes. In addition to managing assessments, metrics and programs.

Data: Student Enrollment

Assessment: New Mexico’s Spring 2022 Available ESSA Assessments

Extended Learning Time Program

Program Overview: Extended Learning Time Program is a strategy intended to increase the amount of time students are learning, especially for the purposes of improving academic achievement and test scores, or reducing learning loss, learning gaps, and achievement gaps. The school provides after-school program opportunities for academic learning or extracurricular enrichment to students that do not supplant federally-funded programs.

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