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Dear CCSD families, staff and community,
Elementary Schools and Secondary Schools on the Navajo Reservation will remain on remote/virtual learning until January 25, 2021.  Secondary Schools who are providing classes for students with exceptionalities not on the Navajo Reservation are still going to be offering services for their students.  Thank you.  Stay safe.

Intercultural & Community Outreach

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Welcome to ICO!


Dr. Lopez-Martinez
Intercultural & Community Outreach Director
My name is Dr. Lopez-Martinez and I have been in education for 29 years. I have worked in the Farmington School District as a Kindergarten, Second Grade, and Bilingual teacher/Site Coordinator. I have also worked at Central Consolidated as a Second/Third Grade Looping Teacher, and Second Grade Bilingual teacher.  In addition I worked as the Principal of Newcomb Elementary of which we earned an award for Closing the Achievement Gap, and Blue Ribbon School. I then worked at Central Office for the Real Results Grant. I then worked at Mesa Elementary for 3 years, moved to Central Office as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for 2 years and am now Director for Intercultural and Community Outreach.

Dr. Berlinda Begay
Bilingual Multicultural Education Coordinator
My name is Dr. Berlinda Begay.  I am the Bilingual Multicultural Education Coordinator for the district.  I have been with the district for 7 years but in education for 20 plus years. My career history, background, and passion is in Navajo Bilingual education, bilingual multicultural education, Indigenous language revitalization, and advocacy in those areas.

Cheryl R. Benally
Bilingual Multicultural Education Coordinator
My name is Cheryl R. Benally and I work in the Intercultural and Community Outreach Department with Central Consolidated Schools.  I have worked at Kirtland Middle School for 6 years.  I was the English Language Development teacher before moving into another position with the administration as the Bilingual supervisor in 2019.  My dedication is working for the students to promote leadership and also engage parents to be involved with school activities.  I reside in Kirtland, New Mexico.  My extra time is spent with family.  I enjoy traveling and doing outdoor activities such as walking or hiking.

Grant Armstrong
Hearings Officer Coordinator
My name is Grant Armstrong. I have been in education for 25 years. I have taught at Newcomb Elementary and Eva B. Stokely Elementary. I retired for two years and came back to CCSD as the Hearing Officer. I have been married to my wife Roxane for 41 years. Together we have a daughter, son, daughter in law. We have two little grandsons who are 7 years old and 17 months old. I am very blessed with my family and career.

Mia Ceuntez
Intercultural & Community Outreach Clerk
My name is Mia Ceuntez and I work with the Intercultural and Community Outreach Department. I have been with the district for 3 years now and I enjoy using my skills to contribute efforts in upholding our department goals.  I am from Shiprock, New Mexico. I love spending time with family and watching films. It is a goal of mine to continue working on my education and to support my community in exceeding theirs.