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Intercultural & Community Outreach

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We inspire positive communication, collaboration and continued learning with holistic multicultural and multilingual connection for the educational families and communities.

  • We will expand growth mindset through strengths and innovative thought. 

  • We will provide prompt and accurate assistance at all times.

  • We will be responsive to community input and deliver programs and services that reflect their needs.

The ICO Department was created to address the needs of students and community in the areas of language and culture, Graduate Profile, Community Schools, and Next Step Plans in education. We also have the Safety-Net Program which encompasses the posting of student activities through school websites, and district website, the pantry for students who might need additional assistance on a weekend, and assisting families and students through social emotional pathways. More in-depth services are highlighted under each tab.

Welcome to ICO


Dr. Lopez-Martinez
Intercultural & Community Outreach Director
My name is Dr. Lopez-Martinez and I have been in education for 29 years. I have worked in the Farmington School District as a Kindergarten, Second Grade, and Bilingual teacher/Site Coordinator. I have also worked at Central Consolidated as a Second/Third Grade Looping Teacher, and Second Grade Bilingual teacher at Ruth N. Bond Elementary.   In addition I worked as the Principal of Newcomb Elementary of which we earned an award for Closing the Achievement Gap Among Minorities, and earned the prestigious award of a Blue Ribbon School. I then worked at Central Office for the Real Results Grant for a short period before transferring to Mesa Elementary for 3 years, during those 3 years the school advanced to B status from the State of New Mexico. I applied to Central Office as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and worked there for 2 years. Currently I am the  Director for Intercultural and Community Outreach which encompasses JOM, Bilingual-Multicultural, and Graduate Profile.

Dr. Berlinda Begay
Bilingual Multicultural Education Coordinator
My name is Dr. Berlinda Begay.  I am the Bilingual Multicultural Education Coordinator for the district.  I have been with the district for 7 years but in education for 20 plus years. My career history, background, and passion is in Navajo Bilingual education, bilingual multicultural education, Indigenous language revitalization, and advocacy in those areas.

Cheryl R. Benally
Bilingual Multicultural Education Coordinator
My name is Cheryl R. Benally and I work in the Intercultural and Community Outreach Department with Central Consolidated Schools.  I have worked at Kirtland Middle School for 6 years.  I was the English Language Development teacher before moving into another position with the administration as the Bilingual supervisor in 2019. The dimensions of being in the administrative environment provided greater opportunities to oversee programs that benefit our students and teachers.  I am grateful for this opportunity to explore and grow professionally to continue my work for the students and parents in the school district.   My dedication is working for the students to promote leadership and also engage in partnering with parents to be involved with their child’s education.  
My family is my pride and joy.  I enjoy traveling to new destinations and outdoor activities.  


Dr. Elfreda Harvey
Social & Safety Net Coordinator
Yá’át’ééh. Elfreda Harvey yíníshyé, Táchii’nii nishli?´, Maa’iideeshgiizhinii báshíshchíín, Bit’ahnii dashicheii, Tótsohnii dashinálí. I am the Johnson O’Malley Supervisor for CCSD. My background has been in higher education, serving students for over 17 years as a mentor, advisor, faculty and director. Previous to this, I worked for the Navajo Nation for 10 years in various community program positions. Serving on various committees, a board, developing organizational partnerships, while continuing to be a strong advocate for student learning, are attributes and experiences that I value. My extra time is spent with my family and pursuing my educational goals.

Kathy Whiteley
Intercultural & Community Outreach Specialist
My name is Kathy R. Whiteley.  I have worked for Central Schools for more than 10 years.  I began my career with CCSD in the Human Resources Department, before transitioning to Safety and Compliance.  I currently work for the wonderful Intercultural & Community Outreach Department. Working in education has been a blessing for me, it has allowed for incredible professional growth and experience.  I reside in Kirtland, New Mexico.  My extra time is spent with my two beautiful daughters.

Rachel Brown
Cultural Specialist

I attended Arizona State University where I earned my Bachelor's of Arts in Elementary Education and currently attending Fort Lewis College pursuing her Masters in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education. My professional highlights include teaching in the elementary and middle school settings. I have coached elementary sports - volleyball and basketball. I have been with CCSD for 4 years as the Cultural Specialist. My passion is Dine' Language and Culture because it's an important part of our students’ identity, self-worth and part of their learning.  I love to spend time with my family, running, working out and doing outdoor activities.
Mia  Cuentez
Johnson O'Malley Program Supervisor
Hello! I work with the Intercultural and Community Outreach Department. I have been with the district for 3 years now and I enjoy using my skills to contribute efforts in upholding our department goals. It is my personal goal to continue working on my education and to support my community in exceeding theirs.

Donovan Russell
Equity Council Supervisor

Ya'at'eeh. My name is Donovan Russell - CCSD Equity Council Supervisor. Tl'aashchi'i nishli, Todichiinii bashishchiin, Tachiinii da shi cheii, doo Tahani da shi nali. I am from Black Mesa, Arizona. Currently, I am studying at Dine' College - Bachelors program for Secondary Education, emphasizing in Navajo Dine Studies and Navajo Language. I am devoted to preserving Navajo Language and Culture through the educational system of our children. As a new member to CCSD Intercultural & Community Outreach Department, I look forward to ensuring systemic implementation of promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion as it relates to school-based decision making and planning. Outside my career, I enjoy family functions (food, reunions, and being an uncle sports fan), livestocks, outdoors, hunting and am fascinated with my bond with Navajo elders. Ahxe'hee. 

Roberta Adeky-Yazzie
Bilingual Supervisor

My name is Roberta Adeky-Yazzie, I am the Bilingual Supervisor with the ICO department.  I have lived in the Newcomb area for 4 years now.  I participated on the district Indian Education Committee for 2 years as a parent.   I have combined experience as a supervisor for 15 years in education, mainly early childhood programs.   I graduated from WNMU and NMSU, currently working on my masters with WNMU in school counseling.  Working with students, parents, and the community is what I enjoy.  I look forward to being a support to students, teachers, and staff.   

Pamella Jordan
Multicultural/Bilingual Clerical

Y1’1t’44h Pamella Jordan yinishy4. T1chii’nii nish[9 T1b22h1 b1sh7shch77n Tsin Sikaadnii dashicheii. Bit’ahnii dashin1l7. Totahdi shi’dizhch9. L0k’a’ch’4haid66’ naash1. B11h D77liddi shighan. K0t’4ego Din4 asdz1n7 nish[9. I work in the Intercultural and Community Outreach Department with Central Consolidated Schools. I attended San Juan College where I earned an Associates of Applied Science - Legal Assistant. I am continuing my education to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education - Science at Western New Mexico University. I enjoy spending time with my family playing various family card games, volleyball, paddle boarding, and traveling. 

Marichelle "March" De Ramos
Coach, ELD 

Hi I am Marichelle "March" De Ramos and I provide training and help for teachers in supporting our English Language Learners (ELLs) in all of the schools in the district. I particularly help out in creating EL plans, work with teachers in honing their classroom strategies and monitor ELL students' progress in ELLevation. Before being in ICO, I have been an English Language Arts and English Language Development Teacher in one of the middle schools. I completed my Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education and Master of Arts in Teaching English Language and Literature at Ateneo De Davao University in the Philippines. I was also a Fulbright Exchange Scholar/Foreign Language Teacher at Stanford University. Travelling is my passion and teaching is my vocation.

Homeless Outreach Program for Education (HOPE)

Federal Definition of a Homeless Child or Youth
The legal term “homeless children and youth” is based on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act is defined as individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence; and includes:

  • Children and youth who are sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or similar reasons; are living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camping grounds due to the lack of alternative accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; are abandoned in hospitals, or are awaiting foster care placement.
  • Children and youth who have a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not designed for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.
  • Children and youth who are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings; and
  • Migratory children who qualify as homeless for the purpose of this subtitle because the children are living in circumstances described in clauses (i) through (iii).

Homeless Students’ Rights

  • Enroll and attend classes while the school arranges for transfer of required school records or documents
  • Enroll and attend classes even while the school and parent seek to resolve a dispute over enrollment
  • Be immediately enrolled in school without a permanent address
  • Go to school, no matter where the student lives or how long he/she has lived there
  • Receive transportation to his/her school or origin as long as he/she is homeless, or if the student becomes permanently housed, receive transportation until the end of the academic school year
  • Have access to the same programs and services that are available to all other students (like free/reduced lunch, ELL, Title I services, Special Education, before and after school care, and gifted services).

In what ways do liaisons help students?

  • Locate homeless children and youth in their district, make sure they are immediately enrolled and have an equal opportunity to succeed in school
  • Make sure homeless students receive appropriate services, including transportation, preschool, special education, English language learner services, and vocational education.
  • Make referrals to health care services, dental services, mental health services, or other care providers.
  • Assist unaccompanied youth with enrollment, transportation, and disagreements with schools.
  • Help students get immunizations and immunization records.
  • Make sure that disagreements between homeless students and schools are resolved.

Cultural Specialist Referral

Intercultural and Community Outreach Departments will use the documentation to fund this position and program. Click here to contact us!

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