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Student Portal

It's all about you! We are here to ensure your success. Each student who qualifies as a student with a disability in the district has an assigned case manager, who is responsible to coordinate services and ensure that the provisions of the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) are in place. The case manager also communicates the specialized accommodations and modifications needed to the regular education classroom teachers, then offers support as needed to put them into place.

Student led IEP
Are you a part of your IEP? One of the ways to make sure that your IEP is meaningful is to LEAD it!

  • Click here for ideas on how to make presentations, brochures and multi-media presentations.
  • Click here to view a template you can use to help you run the IEP.

Transition and self-determination
Discover how self-determination skills can contribute toward your high school and post-secondary success.

What will I have to do for the year I will graduate?
Graduation requirements are changing rapidly. Depending on when you start high school, the requirements are different.