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Safety Protocols

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School Info App and Safety Protocol Reminders

  1. Every employee that will be arriving in person at any building must complete the School Info App prior to arriving.
  2. If you do not have a School Info App on your phone you must either fill out a hard copy form  or complete the School Info App on an IPAD located near the front office in every building.
  3. If you are moving from building to building in the district you must be prepared to show your School Info App screen showing that you cleared the screening.
  4. Please contact your immediate supervisor first with questions regarding this very important screening.


  1. During working hours, staff, students, and visitors shall wear a CDC approved facemask regardless of vaccination status while inside any school building.
  2. Staff are required self-health screen for any COVID-19 symptoms prior to coming to any CCSD facilities utilizing the School Info App. This includes checking their temperature at their residence. In the event the staff do not have access to a thermometer, the staff can have temperature checked at the school site and enter the results into the School Info App. All questions must be answered and they must receive a green checked mark pass to enter the building.
  3.  If there are, any symptoms or concerns staff are to report them to their direct supervisor after answering all of the questions in the app. They will not report to work until cleared by the supervisor and process outlined by these protocols. 
  4. Supervisors shall contact the COVID-19 email link to report any positive COVID-19 cases/symptoms related to staff/students required to quarantine. Site administrators are to consult with their health office team for any concerns or questions related to COVID-19. The COVID-19 team will assist in any investigations as needed. 
  5. At the work site all personal will display their School Info App pass to building administrators. This is done on a daily basis. The School Info pass will expire every 12 hours and will need to be filled out daily before coming to any CCSD buildings. If the user is not allowed entry and told not to come to campus, entry will not be allowed. 
  6. Temperatures above 100.4 shall not be allowed inside and will be directed to contact HR if they are a staff member along with their primary physician. 
  7. Staff members who do not have a smartphone device have the option of using their desktop for COVID screening. Staff without a smartphone must self-screen at their residence before coming to their work site. If they are not experiencing any symptoms they can proceed to their worksite. Upon entry, staff shall be asked if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. If they are allowed entry a quick temp check will be conducted. Provide the staff member with the results to be entered into the School Info data base from their desk top. 
  8. Building administrators are expected to monitor the School Info app information on any alerts of staff failing the health screening. Staff members who fail the screening, the building administrator will contact the staff member confirm of the failed screening. Instruct the staff member to stay home and confirm if a COVID-19 investigation needs to be completed. 
  9. School administrators will monitor screenings on School Info and ensure staff who enter the buildings have successfully passed the health screening. Only the school administrators have the authority to unblock someone from the School Info app dashboard in the event a staff fail the health screening questions. 
  10. Staff/Students who are displaying any type of COVID-19 related symptoms, quarantined, or awaiting a COVID-19 test result are required to stay home until given a directive from the site administrator on when they are allowed to return back to school.
  11. Surveillance testing will be conducted weekly for staff who are not vaccinated. Students will be on a voluntary basis.
  12. Refusal to wear a face covering could result in non-entry into facility.
  13. Personal protective equipment will be readily accessible to all personal entering CCSD facilities. It will be in view and offered if needed. If more facemasks, hand sanitizer, or disinfectant is needed, a request using School Dude shall be done requesting what items are needed.
  14. All personal entering CCSD facilities are required to wear a face covering while not in their personal work space working alone.
  15. Hand sanitize stations have been strategically placed throughout the building encouraging hand washing.
  16. Bathrooms are also open for use of sinks etc.
  17. Refillable water stations along with water fountains are allowed and will be treated as a high touch area requiring frequent disinfecting.
  18. All buildings have been marked with social distancing markers along with one-way directional traffic flow.
  19. COVID-19 posters (Stop the Spread, Hand Washing, Face Coverings) are posted throughout the buildings encouraging healthy behavior to help stop the spread. 
  20. Thermometers have been supplied to every building site to include kitchens and maintenance.
  21. Protocols are in place on the proper way to order PPE for each building. 
  22. Tracking PPE supplies is completed by utilizing School Dude. A bi-weekly update is also reported to NM PED utilizing their tracking website provided to the school district.
  23. Warehouse is responsible for taking and delivering orders as they receive them.
  24. All personnel must enter into buildings where health screenings/checks take place.
  25. Additional cleaning/sanitizing protocols are in place to address high touch/high traffic areas. Custodial staff have received training on addressing high touch areas for disinfecting.
  26. Custodians will disinfect classrooms at least twice a day and shall be documented on the log sheet for each room. Staff will also assist with disinfecting classrooms in between class periods or while students are out of the rooms to ensure high touch areas have been addressed.
  27. Custodians have received training along with information on new products (Prevent X 24/7) used to combat COVID-19.
  28. A cleaning log will document how many times the areas have been sanitized and cleaned. It will contain date, time and name of employee who cleaned/sanitized the room/area.  This will be displayed on entry doors for easy access.
  29. Logs will be pulled once a month and stored in the head custodian’s office.
  30. Disinfectant will be supplied in each classroom for staff to utilize when needed.  
  31. HVAC systems will have filters changed out more frequently along with dampers opened at 100% to allow more air flow inside the buildings. 
  32. Positive cases that occur in CCSD buildings/buses will be addressed following CDC, NM P.E.D. and the State of New Mexico’s guidelines.
  33. Affected rooms/areas will be sealed off not allowing entry to anyone for a minimum of 2 hours if possible. Signage (No Entry) will be placed on the doors alerting personal/students not to enter. CCSD custodians will enter the room and disinfect the area with the approved EPA disinfecting products.  Rooms will be reopened once disinfection takes place with the appropriate safe guards. 
  34. Outdoor shade structures are being implemented/identified at each site to allow students/staff the ability to be in an outdoor setting. These settings will also be utilized at school sites that are experiencing higher number in cases related to COVID-19
  35. Weekly meetings will take place with the COVID-19 safety task force team to discuss sites who are experiencing high transmissions rates. CDC colored status map will be monitored in regards to spread rate to adjust instructional programs as necessary. Plans will be implemented to target those areas of concerns to mitigate any further spread of COVID-19. Things that will be considered are as follows.
  • Outdoor learning for students (weather permitting)
  • Closure of effected classrooms/wings of buildings experiencing a large amount of cases.
  • Remote learning options

CCSD will continue to closely monitor and adhere to the New Mexico Department of Health, NM PED Tool Kit and the New Mexico Governor's health orders.

Updates with Navajo Nation health orders will also be implemented as they update and change throughout the school year.

Thank you sincerely for being a part of the CCSD work family. We are all in this together and developing a great team.

Any questions, comments or concerns, please contact your immediate supervisor.