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Dear CCSD families, staff and community,
Elementary Schools and Secondary Schools on the Navajo Reservation will remain on remote/virtual learning until January 25, 2021.  Secondary Schools who are providing classes for students with exceptionalities not on the Navajo Reservation are still going to be offering services for their students.  Thank you.  Stay safe.

Mental Health Resources

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Community Based Behavioral/Mental Resources

To download this list, click here.
John’s Hopkins Center for American Indian Health Honoring Life Program, Shiprock, NM
The Honoring Life Program is part of the Southwest hub for American Indian youth suicide prevention. The case managers will provide supports and connection to care sources for all, while implementing brief culturally-informed interventions.
(505) 368-4038,

Teen Life Center Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Healthy Relationships, Health Questions, Coping, Emotional Support) 10-19 year old
(505) 368-7450
Navajo National Division of Behavioral & Mental Health Services - Shiprock, NM
(505) 368-1429 and (505) 368-1050,
IHS-NNMC Iina Counseling, Shiprock, NM
(505) 368-7302 and (505) 368-6001
Navajo Treatment Center for Children & their Families
P.O. Box 4001, Shiprock, N.M. 87420
(505) 368-1168
Desert View Family Counseling Services, Farmington, NM
(505) 326-7878,
Cottonwood Clinical Services, Farmington, NM
(505) 327-4584,
Totah Behavioral Health, Farmington, NM
(505) 564-4804,
San Juan Health Partners Behavioral Health, Farmington, NM
Family Crisis Center, Farmington, NM
(505) 325-3549
Choices Counseling Services, Farmington, NM
(505) 325-5321
Angel Peak Counseling, Bloomfield, NM
(505) 330-8220
Larivee Counseling Services, Aztec, NM
(505) 327-7582
Overcomers Counseling, Farmington, N.M.
(505) 327-0293
ChildHaven Inc.
807 W. Apache St. Farmington, N.M. 87401
(505) 325-5358
San Juan Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Services
1930 San Juan Blvd. Bldg. J, Farmington, N.M.
(505) 326-7679
PMS Adolescent Residential Treatment Center
851 Andrea Dr, Ste 4, Bldg. E, Farmington, N.M.
ATB Behavioral Health Services
721 W. Apache St., Farmington, N.M. 87401
(505) 947-9990