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Teacher Reimbursement Program

Central Consolidated School (CCSD) employees may apply for reimbursement for tuition, registration fees, and books not covered by other forms of financial aid, as well as dossier, exam fees, and licensure fees. Amount reimbursed depends on fund availability and the number of qualified applicants.

NOTICE: CCSD will not process a reimbursement request that was not pre-approved by the CCSD Grow Your Own Committee. 

To be eligible, an employee must:
  • be in a planned program of study leading to a college degree,
    license, endorsement, or certificate;
  • receive course credit towards an education-related degree/program;
  • earn a grade of C or better for courses;
  • submit proof of successful completion of courses; and 
  • be a full-time employee of CCSD. 

By accepting reimbursement for educational fees, eligible employees agree to the terms outlined in this program. See the CCSD guidance document and application for more information.

For a copy of the application, click the link below. You will be asked to to make a copy. Click "Copy". You will have a copy of the application and can add the required information. Email completed applications to [email protected].

Get the program Application here. 

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