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Health & Wellness Reimbursement Program

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Health & Wellness Reimbursement Program

CCSD Team, 

CCSD is making your healthy habits and well-being a top priority by providing the opportunity to participate in the Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) managed by HealthEquity.  Employees will have up to $1500 to be reimbursed for eligible Health & Wellness expenses starting from August 4, 2023 through December 8, 2023 & January 1, 2024 through May 24, 2024. 

The LSA is an employer funded program. Employees please be aware that the money reimbursed is taxable income. Employees will see the employer paid reimbursement reported on the payroll stub in income but then deducted out with only applicable taxes withheld. The total amount reimbursed will be reported on your annual W-2. Please check with your tax preparer or the IRS if you have questions about how to treat it on your annual income taxes.

If you have not registered for an account please do so on the Health Equity portal.

To register:

  1. Eligible employees will need to use their work email address to register and create an account on the portal.

  2. To register click on the ‘Login/Register’ and  go to the `Employee Registration’ to create an account. 

  3. If you have a Flexible Spending Account with HealthEquity please login with your existing username and password to submit an online claim. 

For instructions, click the link: Member Registration Guide.pdf

Employees covered:

Eligible full time employees, children, dependents, and Spouse (Legally Married)

Employees not covered:

These positions below are ineligible for the Health & Wellness Reimbursement Program

Lifeguard, Casual employee, Outside Athletic coach, Seasonal employees, Long and Short -Term Substitutes and Contractors. 

Eligible Health and Wellness expenses: 

  • Any gym/fitness club membership fees

  • Any sports activities or fees

  • Marathons/Triathlons, bike race, 3k/5k races and walks

  • Any sports clothing, footwear, equipment, training and wearable devices

  • Outdoor/Indoor equipment fees and rentals (ex. Canoe, rafting, kayak, skiing, and biking)

  • Subscriptions and Fees for virtual/online home fitness classes

  • Traditional Holistic Healing

  • Massage (not for treatment of a medical condition)

  • Spa Services for facial 

  • Locker rental fees

  • Health and Wellness Products & Services

Expense not covered:

  • Nursery/Daycare fees

  • Cosmetics 

  • Medical treatment or referral for medical treatment not covered

How to Submit a Claim:

  1. HealthEquity requires supporting documents to be uploaded in the portal to process a claim. Documentation may include a scanned receipt, credit card/bank statement, a document on letterhead or other official documentation. Supporting documents must have the following:  

  • Recipient’s name 

  • Name of the service provider (retail, organization, fitness facility)

  • Description of service or items

  • Payment/purchase amount (cost)

  • Service/purchase date/period.

  1. After registration, click on the “Submit Receipt or Claim” tab to upload the supporting documents. It takes 2-3 business days to review the expenses and whether it is approved or not. To view status click on “View Claims & Payment”. With a status of OK to Pay it will be reimbursed either by direct deposit or by check within 3-5 business days. If reimbursed by check, it could take longer to receive a check by mail. 

  1. If an employee does not want to submit an expense on the HealthEquity Portal the employee may use the online claim form and submit the claim by fax or US mail or send it to the following locations via:

  • Fax: (877) 353-9236

  • US Mail: CLAIMS ADMINISTRATOR, P.O. BOX 14053, Lexington, KY 40512

  1. Employees must save supporting documents for their records and possible audits.

  1. Submitted claims may be reviewed through “View Claims & Payment” on the HealthEquity (Lifestyle) Member Portal. 

  1. This benefit is taxable. The amount will show on the annual W-2 forms. 

Time period claims may be submitted:

  • All eligible expenses must be incurred during the program period between August 4, 2023 - December 08, 2023 & January 1, 2024 - May 24, 2024. 
    ** No claims are to be submitted between December 9 to December 31, 2023 to allow for payroll reporting and year end processing.

  • An employee must be employed when expenses are incurred. 

  • If an employee becomes separated from employment, their last day to submit claims will be on their last day of employment. 

For CCSD Staff

For more information: 

Health & Wellness Presentation by HealthEquity

** Click here to watch the recording: 
Traditional Holistic Healing Reimbursement Claim Form

To submit a claim: 

For questions or need assistance please contact us: 
HealthEquity Member Team Service: 
Phone: (877) 924-3967

Marlena Harvey: 505-598-1018 
Extension 10124
Work Cell Phone: 505-419-9212

Arielle John: 505-598-1018 
Extension 10126
Work Cell Phone: 505-629-8161

Suzanna George: 505-598-1018
Extension 10130