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Full Re-Entry Message to Parents

March 9, 2021
Greetings CCSD Parents,
The New Mexico Secretary of Education Ryan Stewart announced that schools may return to full in person instruction! FORTUNATELY, Team CCSD has been preparing for this day and we are ready!
What does this mean for you and your children?
All CCSD schools will be open for five day per week instruction beginning Monday, March 22, 2021.  Deep cleaning will still take place on Wednesdays, however, these services will be scheduled AFTER the instructional and work day has concluded - regularly scheduled ½ day instruction / ½ day professional development.   Parents who choose to have their children remain in a remote learning environment may do so.
Is my school safe for my child to be able to return to full instruction?
ABSOLUTELY!!!  We will continue to abide by ALL COVID SAFE PRACTICES (CSP).  For employees, it is a condition of employment.  All schools have passed all required NMPED requirements, meet or exceed CDC requirements, and will continue to maintain all screening practices.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED in terms of the screening criteria for entering and remaining in school buildings.  The current staff vaccination rate is approximately 85% with about ? of the employees responding to the vaccine survey.
What about the mandates restricting class size capacities and things like eating in the cafeteria?
CCSD follows the guidance requiring students to be facing the same direction, monitor compliance with mask wearing, and social distancing to the greatest extent possible.
Whose responsibility is it to enforce the social distancing and mask wearing for all students?
It is everyone’s responsibility.  Parents need to prescreen children and remind them to follow CSP and the building staff’s responsibility to support students in adhering to the CSP.   Noncompliance of all COVID Safe Practices by students can result in a remote learning program.
What about the Navajo Nation/NMPED requirements for consultation and respecting sovereignty?
Supt. Benavidez has been and will continue to consult with the NN and DoDE.  CCSD remains a parent choice for in person instruction option for students, respecting all tribal sovereignty requests.

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