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COVID-19 Toolkit for New Mexico

COVID-19 Response Toolkit for New Mexico’s Public Schools
The revised toolkit includes updates that link air filtration requirements to the Public Education Department memorandum. 
  • Other updates include:
  • Consolidation of the elementary school and secondary school COVID-19 response toolkit information into a single document.
  • Options for co-horting of secondary students.
  • An amendment to the definition of close contacts for secondary schools.
  • Guidance and requirements on topics such as cafeteria considerations and classroom transitions.
  • An amendment to the group of individuals who may assess whether the symptoms a student with a chronic condition is experiencing are within the student’s baseline; the amendment limits the group to primary care providers, school nurses, and health assistants.
  • Expanding the requirement for surveillance testing to include all staff that work onsite at a school that offers any in-person student services, including special education services or athletics.
  • Staff members identified as close contacts are encouraged but not required to get tested.
  • An update to surveillance testing to include the COVID-19 testing required by NMPED.
  • Removal of the private schools exemption statement.
To view the full toolkit, click here.

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