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Dear CCSD families, staff and community,
Elementary Schools and Secondary Schools on the Navajo Reservation will remain on remote/virtual learning until January 25, 2021.  Secondary Schools who are providing classes for students with exceptionalities not on the Navajo Reservation are still going to be offering services for their students.  Thank you.
The Shiprock pinnacle in Shiprock, New Mexico
A celebration of Veterans Day at CCSD
Elementary students play hockey
Students and staff take a photo
CCSD students march in Shiprock
Volleyball game
A graduate of Newcomb High
Graduation at Kirtland Central High
A student smiles during Graduation at Shiprock High School
Graduation at Career Prep High School

Kirtland Middle School

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Welcome back KMS families!  We will be having our next packet distribution on Thursday, January 7th from 1:00-5:30 p.m.  Please note the packets will take students to the end of the 2nd quarter on January 22nd.  Please contact teachers if your child might be missing assignments.

Packet Distribution

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Winter Break Activity Calendar

Winter Break Activity Calendar of fun activities for families...
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It remains important that we all do our part to keep people safe...
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