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Letter from the Principal

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EBS Staff

                                                                                                                        August 10, 2021
Dear Parents,
   Welcome back for another school year here at Eva B Stokely Elementary! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Uriah Simpson. I am Eva B Stokely’s Principal for SY 2021-22. I am originally from Cove, Az. I grew up in Bloomfield, NM. I have been teaching in Central Consolidated School district for 6 years. On behalf of the staff, we are very excited for this new school year!  
   We have great plans that our staff is currently working on. Our school goal is for all students to show growth in their learning towards Reading and Math. With this in mind, we are off to a great start having safety for our students and staff as our biggest concern. We are also asking that you sit down with your child and discuss some reading and math goals to do at home. Set a time to work on these goals and encourage your child to achieve the goals.  
    Attendance is an important requirement that attributes to student success. We ask that you schedule your doctor appointments around the school hours to lessen the disruption of your child’s instructional learning time. We are really setting our expectations high for each student to improve his/her reading and math scores from last year. We need your help by making sure your child attends school daily, especially during your child’s Language Arts, Reading and Math block times.  
                            Our School Daily Schedule:
                                7:30 am...Breakfast
                              8:00 am...Instruction Time Begins
                               3:40 pm...Dismissal Time
                               345pm...Bus Departure Time

     **There will be NO CHECK OUTS after 2:45 pm for safety purposes.

                              11:00-11:30 (4th-5th grade lunch)
                              11:30-12:00 (2nd-3rd grade lunch)
                             12:00-12:30 (PreK-1st grade lunch).

    We ask that each time you visit the school, please sign in at the front office. When you sign in at the front office, we will be doing an I.D. check for every visit (for safety purposes).  This will allow us to keep accurate records of your involvement as parents.
                               Our School Hours are:
                         Monday-Friday: 7:30-4:00pm
    Finally, please read this Parent-Student Handbook that will inform you on the regulations and policies for our school to be safe and conducive to learning for all students.

Respectfully, Uriah Simpson Principal 

Hello Eva B. Stokely Elementary Community:
         Please take some time to complete the CCSD Survey. The survey data will help the Intercultural & Community Outreach and EBS staff develop plans to improve our school learning environment. The deadline to complete is August 10, 2021. Thank you!