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Google and Zoom FAQ's

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Google and Zoom Help

Below are links and help with Google and Zoom!
Remember you can download all your Google Classroom materials AND turn in work using the internet. 
If you don't have internet at home, you can go to places that have internet, such as the district Wi-Fi hotpots.

If you have questions or difficulties that aren't answered below, contact Mrs. Mizell for help:
LEAVE A MESSAGE 505-368-4980

Google Gmail Account

Use it to access ALL the Google Suite Apps- Classroom, Meet, etc... click here to find out more

CCSD has purchased the right to use a school Gmail account for all students and staff.

This account will connect you to all the Google Apps- Meet, Classroom, Docs, Drive, etc...

  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you check your Gmail at least once a day!
  • It is also VERY IMPORTANT that you make sure you are logged in on your school Gmail and not your personal Gmail. (By default, devices log you in to the last account used)

Your school Gmail will be in the format:
(######### is your student ID)

Your Gmail for school CAN NOT be changed.

  • If you forget your password, CCSD must change it for you, so you need to contact the school to ask for a password change.
  • This can take several days, so the best thing to do is WRITE IT DOWN :)

Click the link below to log in to your Google Account, then you can go to Gmail:

If you would like more help with using your Google Gmail (also called your Google Account), watch this video:

(Uploaded soon)

Google Classroom

Click here to find out more about using Google Classroom...

Google Classroom is used for work done ONLINE.

If your teacher has set the features up, you can access all assignments, make comments in the "Stream", and check your grades using Google Classroom.

Since you have a school Gmail account, you can also use the Apps if you don't have them on a computer!

Docs is basically the same as Word
Sheets is basically Excel
Slides is basically PowerPoint
Drawings is basically Paint

If you use the Apps or do your work online in Classroom, all your work will be saved on Google Drive.

That means you can access it ANYWHERE using your school Gmail... no more jump drives needed!
  • You can access Drive by clicking on the Classwork tab in Classroom- it will be at the top.
  • You can also access drive using your Gmail and going to the Drive App- that way you don't have to log in to Classroom!

Click the link below to sign into your Google Account, then go to Classroom:

Here is an overview of how to use Classroom:

Here is a video on turning in your work with Classroom:


Click here to see how to use Zoom

The Zoom app can be used on your phone, on a tablet, on a laptop or a computer... endless possibilities!

  • Before you go to your first Zoom meeting, set aside about 30 minutes to check out the settings and features.
  • At least 5 minutes before each meeting, you should log in and set up your video/audio.
  • If you have low bandwidth or connection issues, turn off your video as it takes A LOT of bandwidth to send and receive it!
  • You can set your Zoom to record meetings (a host can disable this, too), but it will take about 1/2 to 1GB of space for a meeting.

Here is a video that goes through using Zoom:

Google Meet

Click here to find out about Google Meet

Google Meet can be used on any device with a browser- or a phone!

  • Just log in to your school Gmail and find the Meet information.
  • Click the link and go to the Meet, or call-in to the Meet using your phone.
  • You will need to check your settings RIGHT BEFORE you join the Meet, but it's pretty easy to do.
  • If you have low bandwidth or connection issues, turn off your video as it takes A LOT of bandwidth to send and receive it!
  • You can record meetings (a host can disable this, too), and they will be put on your Drive. Drive will send you a link to it after the video is finished.

To access Meet, you need to sign into your Google Account and find the Meet information (in an email, in a Classroom Stream post, in your Calendar, etc...):

Here is a video that goes through using Meet: