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Welcome to the Home of the Unicorns!

In partnership with families and community, we will provide a safe environment where we use highly effective learning strategies to help every student grow by building a solid foundation for success in education and in life.

Hybrid Learning
Thank you to all who completed our return to Hybrid Learning form.  We are going to continue with those students that are currently here at Kirtland Elementary School.

Those families that wish to make the move to Hybrid that are currently Remote, this change will occur at Kirtland Elementary School on Tuesday, February 16.  Students that have not been to Kirtland Elementary School will have to complete a couple of items before they return.  Parents/Guardians will need to download the Schoolinfo App.  It is in all format app stores for any smart phone.  Then, they will need to select CCSD as their school district, and Kirtland Elementary as their school.  We require all families to use the application prior to riding a bus or being dropped off at school.