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Spanish Dual Language Immersion

CCSD is interested in expanding our dual language immersion program in the Kirtland area.
What is the Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program?
The Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program is a language revitalization effort but it is also part of the state Bilingual Multicultural Education Program.  The program teaches core content in English for math and reading and cultural identity is taught in Spanish with a core content in Social Studies. This program is voluntary. 
The program at Eva B. Stokely is specifically a one-way immersion program meaning that the focus is for students to acquire their heritage language.  This program is a 50/50 model for K-5 students.
What is the model of the new Immersion Program under consideration?
  • Kindergarten – 90/10 (90% Spanish and 10% English)
  • 1st Grade – 90/10 (90% Spanish and 10% English)
  • 2nd Grade – 80/20 (80% Spanish and 20% English)
  • 3rd Grade – 70/30 (70% Spanish and 30% English)
  • 4th Grade – 60/40 (60% Spanish and 40% English)
  • 5th Grade – 50/50 (50% Spanish and 50% English)
Students Eligible and Participation
Students from the Judy Nelson Elementary and Kirtland Elementary area are eligible to participate in the program. Transportation will be provided for students who reside within the area.
If the school/parents choose the 90/10 model, it is important for parents who will have their child participate understand the second language acquisition process and the 90/10 model as each year scaffolds to the next year.  For this reason, students will not be allowed to withdraw from the program and re-enroll back into the program because it will disrupt the scaffolding process.
Heritage Language vs Dual Language Program
  • Heritage Language:
    • Daily one hour Spanish Oral Language and Culture class 
    • Pull-Out Class (this type of class does not affect core content classes)
  • Dual Language Program:
    • Spanish Oral Language School within a School. Core subjects taught in Spanish Language. Not a pull-out class
Parents Role
  • In either model, parents play a critical role for support.  
  • Contact with teachers regularly
  • Support for programming
  • Proactive questioning
  • Partnering with schools
  • Attendance at events, whether in person or virtual

To determine if there is family/community interest in expanding this programming to the Kirtland area, we are inviting parents to fill out the survey below.

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