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Staci Gallaher

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Nanel Walter
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Assistant Principal / Athletic Coordinator
Dionne Shepard[email protected]

Assistant Principal

Shiprock High School Staff

Leah Alfonso
Alfonso, Leah
Science Teacher
Ms. Alfonso is a graduate of the Philippine Normal University-Taft Avenue Manila with a Bachelor's of Secondary Education in Biology.  She has been teaching for over 20 years.  She is very grateful to be a part of the "Shiprock High School Family"  Her favorite quote is from Albert Einstein, "To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advances in Science." 
Paul Ankenman
Ankenman, Paul
Spanish Teacher
Mr. A is a Spanish Language teacher who values all languages and encourages the life skill of code switching.  He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Spanish.  He has worked or volunteered at schools in Evanston, IL, Philadelphia, PN, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He loves all kinds of sports, especially outdoor sports and soccer.  He is intensely curious and loves to inspire curiosity in his students. 
Alfred Baer
Baer, Alfred
Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Baer joins us from Cortez, Colorado.  He enjoys teaching PE, coaching baseball, and working with our students.  He currently teaches Weights and Aquatics. 
Brandon Begay
Begay, Brandon
Math Teacher
Mr. Begay is a Shiprock High School Alumni and a graduate of Arizona State University (Yeego Chieftains! Yeego Sundevils!).  His hobbies are fishing and camping in Colorado.
Vernetta Begay
Begay, Vernetta
Computer Teacher
Ms. Begay teaches Business and Computer classes at SHS.
Cecily Begaye
Begaye, Cecily
Educational Assistant
Laci Begaye
Begaye, Laci
English Teacher
GySgt Jerry Benally
Benally, GySgt Jerry
Marine Corps Instructor
Gunnery Sergeant Benally's military career started with the New Mexico Army National Guard a year before graduating from Aztec High School. For over three and half years he served as a diesel mechanic with his unit in Santa Fe, NM. He then transferred into the Marine Corps, where he acquired numerous job skills which included an electrician, hydraulic mechanic, accountant, marketing and sales, and human resources supervisor, just to name a few.  He retired from the Marine Corps in 2017 with nearly 25 years of combined military service to our country and also recently earned his degree in Business Administration. 
Herbert Beyale III
Beyale III, Herbert
Math Teacher
Nathan Brady
Brady, Nathan
Navajo Language Teacher
Evita Bull
Bull, Evita
Math Teacher
Mrs. Bull is an alumni of Shiprock High School and earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Fort Lewis College.  Mrs. Bull enjoys spending time with her children and working to help the future community members of Shiprock. 
Gabriel Cinniginnie
Cinniginnie, Gabriel
Education Assistant
Mr. Cinniginnie is an Education Assistant.  He graduated from Shiprock High School in 1977.  He earned his B.S. in Political Science from University of Utah.  He enjoys fly fishing and is a Pow Wow moccasin maker and beader. 
Anthony Clah
Clah, Anthony
Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Clah teaches PE, Health, and Fitness & Conditioning classes.  He brings a wealth of experience from playing college football and helping to train our athletes.  Mr. Clah is also an alumnus of Shiprock High School and a graduate of Brigham Young University. 
Lavonna Clark
Clark, Lavonna
School Nurse
Drew Cleland
Cleland, Drew
Science Teacher
Mr. Cleland is originally from western Kansas.  He earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Kansas State University.  He holds a Juris Doctorate from University of Kansas.  He has four kids, five dogs, and seven cats with his wife, Bobbie.  He is currently teaching Physical Science and Environmental Science. 
Rae Collins
Collins, Rae
FACS Teacher/Drivers Ed Teacher
Ms. Collins is the Culinary Arts and Drivers Education teacher. 
Kimberlie Dee
Dee, Kimberlie
Attendance Secretary
Sharon Dee
Dee, Sharon
Lead Cook
Alice Dick
Dick, Alice
Educational Assistant
Brian Dixon
Dixon, Brian
History Teacher
Hailing from Shiprock, New Mexico, Mr. Dixon teaches Government and Economics, Honors Government and Economics and AP Government and Politics. He is an alumni of Shiprock High School, Fort Lewis College and New Mexico State University. To'ahedliinii nishli, Tobaahaa bashishchiin. Mr. Dixon enjoys hobbies and spending time with his wife and family!  
Fenessia Etcitty
Etcitty, Fenessia
Financial Secretary
Aldrin Flores
Flores, Aldrin
Special Education Teacher
Staci Gallaher
Gallaher, Staci
Sandra Garnanez
Garnanez, Sandra
Art Teacher
Ms. Garnanez was raised at Rehoboth Christian School and calls Shiprock home.  She obtained her education from UNM with a BA in Art Education; her MA from Grand Canyon University.  Her teaching background spans more than 30 years.  She also enjoys working with our students in the National Art Honor Society. 
Dr. Theresa Indiola
Indiola, Dr. Theresa
Special Education Teacher
Dr. Indiola is from Cebu, Philippines, and has been an Electronics and Communications Engineer.  Dr. Indiola finds passion in teaching Mathematics and Electronics to high school and college students.  Simplifying complicated mathematical equations and its practical applications is her advocacy.  She has a Masters in Special Education and a Doctorate Degree in Special Education.  She has 11 years of experience in education, which has made her more equipped in handling diverse students.  For her pastime, she enjoys cooking carbonara, making lumpia, and Filipino dishes for her family. 
Darin Jim
Jim, Darin
History Teacher
A graduate of Shiprock High School, Mr. Jim is a history teacher who attended Fort Lewis College and San Juan College. He obtained a B.A. in History and an A.A. in Secondary Education. 
David Jim
Jim, David
History Teacher
Mr. Jim grew up in the Shiprock area and is a graduate of Shiprock High School.  He attended San Juan College and graduated from Fort Lewis College.  He currently teaches US History.  He completed a B.A. in History with an endorsement in Secondary Education. 
Chanda Keeto
Keeto, Chanda
Athletic Secretary
Allison Kercher
Kercher, Allison
Special Education Teacher
Tim Kercher
Kercher, Tim
Credit Recovery Teacher
Vickie Lake
Lake, Vickie
Agriculture Teacher
Howdy, my name is Ms. Vickie Lake, and a single mother to a wonderful boy!  I have been teaching Agriculture Education here at Shiprock HS for the past 17 years.  I was born and raised on a small farm and ranch in Waterflow and graduated from Kirtland Central High School.  I love Agriculture and advocating for agriculture.  Outside of school, my time is spent with my family working on the farm, raising livestock, camping, and just enjoying life as it is.  Where would you be without Agriculture? NAKED & HUNGRY!!   
Geraldine Light
Light, Geraldine
Front Desk Secretary
William Lund
Lund, William
Science Teacher
Mr. Lund is of German, Norweigan, and Swedish descent.  He has jumped 3,200 feet out of a plane and has dove 140 feet underwater.  He hopes to experience everything in between as well.  He holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Seattle Pacific University.  He currently teaches Physical Science, Biology, and Honors Biology. 
Marjorie Marchan
Marchan, Marjorie
Special Education Teacher
Ms. Marchan earned her Masters Degree in Special Education from Negros Oriental State University in the Philippines.  Her Bachelor in Secondary Education in General Science and a Minor in Mathematics is from St Paul University Dumaguete City Philippines.  Ms. Marchan's hobbies include watching documentary movies and travel/adventure.  Her favorite quote is from Bobby Unser, "SUCCESS is where preparation meet opportunity." 
James Marsh
Marsh, James
Social Studies Teacher
Jeanie Martizano
Martizano, Jeanie
Science Teacher
Mrs. Martizano is originally from the Philippines.  She finished with her Bachelor of Secondary Education in Biology at the Philippine Normal University, Cum laude, in 1999.  She has taught Chemistry, Biology, and Research.  She has received awards and recognition as a Science Teacher.  This is her second year of teaching at SHS.  Her classes include Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Science. 
Robert McCaskill
McCaskill, Robert
Health Teacher
Mariah Mills
Mills, Mariah
Eliseo Morales
Morales, Eliseo
Math Teacher
Reycel Pacaanas
Pacaanas, Reycel
Math Teacher
Ms. Pacaanas is originally from the Philippines.  She is a math teacher by heart.  She has taught for 17 years in the areas of Geometry, Trigonometry, Elementary Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra.  She is still young at heart and enjoys music and singing.  She currently teaches Geometry and Algebra 1. 
Dora Perry
Perry, Dora
Special Education Teacher
Ms. Perry enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. 
Joy Rosario
Rosario, Joy
Special Education Teacher
Dionne Shepard
Shepard, Dionne
Assistant Principal
Christine Smith
Smith, Christine
Educational Assistant
David Sutter
Sutter, David
Wood Shop Teacher
Forrest Tallbull
Tallbull, Forrest
English Teacher
Brandi Talley
Talley, Brandi
Dual Credit Coordinator
Alexus Uentillie
Uentillie, Alexus
English Teacher
Ms. Uentillie is from Shiprock, NM and an alumni of Shiprock High School.  She earned a B.A. in English with concentration in creative writing from Willamette University in Salem, OR.  She enjoys reading, writing, watching movies/TV shows, and spending time with family. 
Leandro Venturina
Venturina, Leandro
Dual Credit Math Teacher
Nanel Walter
Walter, Nanel
Assistant Principal

Tachinii Nishli', Tse'nah'habilnii' Bashishchiin, Hashkaan Ha'dzo Dashicheii, Kiiyaanii Dashinali.  Mrs. Walter was raised and resides in Shiprock.  She graduated in 1994 from Shiprock High School.  She has a Master of Arts in Public Health and Education Administration Certificate.  This will be her 2nd year at Shiprock High School.

Helen West
West, Helen
Band & Guitar Teacher
Ms. West is in her second year at Shiprock High school.  She received her BA in Music Performance from American University and her Masters in Music Education from UNC.  SHe loves teaching at SHS.  Ms. West lives in Cortez with her cat, Mr. PC.