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Welcome to KCHS BPA

Kirtland Central High School Region 1 of Business Professionals of America 
Giving Purpose To Potentials  



Lynn, Foster 
David, Collard 

BPA Chapter Officers 2023 - 2024

President Justin Harrison 
Vice President Emily Roanhorse 
Secretary Rodzaiah Curtis 
Treasurer LeAnndra Austin 
Historian Zalainya Begay
Parliamentarian Osai Garcia 
Reporter Madison Medley 
Admin. Assistant Alayla Burnside 
I.T Representative Canon Begay
Representative Ely Lee

BPA Members

Ezekiel Arthur

Justin Brown

Patieya Curtis 

Kaylanna Henry 

Caleb Kester 

Allen Palmer 

Paige Smith 

Skyler Woods

Kayla Badoni 

Markus Brown 

Noah Dineyazhe

Keanuo Henry 

Kylie Manus 

Dominique Prince 

Kalani Tapahonso 

Jayliah Woody

Kamira Bedah 

Tamirra Chee

Shayla Esplain 

Jubilee Herrera 

Jacob Martin

Kaleb Price 

Matthew Toldeo

Kaden Bee

Owen Coleman 

Brayden Esson 

Philip Horsley 

Cuyler McDonald 

Asher Provencio 

Bianica Tsosie 

Miley Begay 

Spring Coleman

Amelia Gomez 

Madison Howe 

Adrianna Nargo 

Alijah Salas 

Racine Uentillie 

Lanielle Blackwater 

Conner Cowboy 

Ryston Guy 

Marc Jackson 

Jysel Nelson 

Brady Scott 

Aspen Veith 

Miracle Broderick 

Bahozhoni Crosby 

Taishyra Harvey 

Ranshawncey Jim 

Sophia Nez 

Hannahbah Sloan 

Brandon Weaver 

State 2024

Lynn FosterNominated to the New Mexico BPA Board for Region 1
Owen ColemanDrawing Winner - Workshop Participation Winner
Madison Medley1st Place With a NM Eastern University $500 Scholarship
Justin HarrisonNM BPA Merit Scholarship $1000 Score the Highest
Justin Harrison1st Place Administration Support Concepts
Justin Harrison1st Place Digital Communication & Design Concepts
Justin Harrison1st Place Digital Marketing Concepts
Justin Harrison1st Place Parliamentary Procedures Concepts
Hannahbah Sloan2nd Place Human Resource Management
Skyler Woods3rd Place Digital Media Production
Justin Harrison - Emily Roanhorse3rd Place Small Business Management Team
Patieya Curtis - Skyler Woods3rd Place Video Production Team
Hannahbah Sloan - Aspen Veith3rd Place Website Design Team #1
Jayaliah Woody4th Place Digital Marketing Concepts
Justin Harrison4th Place - Presentation Individual
Rodzaiah Curtis - LeAnndra Austin5th Place - Website Design Team #2
Kayla Badoni6th Place - Parliamentary Procedures Concepts
Alayla Burnside - Ely Lee6th Place - Visual Design Team - Pilot
LeAnndra Austin7th Place - Fundamental Spreadsheets Applications
Zalainya Begay7th Place - Interview Skills
Zalainya Begay8th Place - Health Administration Procedures
Ely Lee9th Place - Payroll Accounting
LeAnndra Austin9th Place - Administration Support Concepts
LeAnndra Austin10th Place - Information Technology Concepts
Jacob Martin15th Place - Health Insurance & Medical Billing - Pilot
Caleb Kester - Canon Begay - Phillip HorsleyE-SPORTS - Round 2 out of 4 "National Level"
Canon BegayParticipation In - Banking and Finance
Canon BegayParticipation In - Fundamental Accounting
Alayla BurnsideParticipation In - Basic Office System & Procedures
Rodzaiah CurtisParticipation In - Business Law & Ethics
Kaden BeeParticipation In - C++ Programming
Kaden BeeParticipation In - Computer Network Technology
Phillip HorsleyParticipation In - Computer Network Technology
Caleb KesterParticipation In - Computer Network Technology
Sophia NezParticipation In - Fundamental Accounting
Kayla BadoniParticipation In - Graphic Design Promotion
Kayla BadoniParticipation In - Presentation Individual
Jacob MartinParticipation In - Medical Coding
Tashiya HarveyParticipation In - Medical Coding
Madison MeldeyParticipation In - Presentation Individual
Jubilee Herrera - Jayliah WoodyParticipation In - Design Team - Pilot

Regionals 2023

Ely Lee1st Place - Accounting Payroll
Racine Uentillie1st Place - Banking Finance
Conner Cowboy1st Place - Business Law & Ethics
Kaden Bee1st Place - C++ Programming
Kaden Bee1st Place - Computer Network Technology
Matthew Toledo1st Place - Fundamental Accounting
LeAnndra Austin1st Place - Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Madison Medley1st Place - Graphic Design Promotion
Hannahbah Sloan1st Place - Human Resources Management
Taishyra Harvey1st Place - Medical Coding
Justin Harrison1st Place - Presentation Individual
Justin Harrison - Emily Roanhorse1st Place - Small Business Management
Noah Dineyazhe - Osai Garcia - Skyler Woods1st Pace - Video Production Team #1
Jayliah Woody - Jubliee Herrera1st Place - Visual Design Team #1
Rodzaiah Curtis - Bianicia Tsosie1st Place - Website Design Team #2
Canon Begay2nd Place - Fundamental Accounting
Matthew Toledo2nd Place - Fundamental Spreadsheet Appliciations
Miley Begay2nd Place - Personal Finance Management
Alayla Burnside2nd Place - Basic Office Systems
Phillip Horsley2nd Place - Computer Network Technology
Kayla Badoni2nd Place - Graphic Design Promotion
Zalainya Begay2nd Place - Health Administration Procedures
Jacob Martin2nd Place - Health Insurance & Medical Billing
Kamira Bedah2nd Place - Medical Coding
Madison Medley2nd Place - Presentation Individual
Ezekiel Arthur - Braden Esson - Alayla Burnside2nd Place - Visual Design Team #2
Aspen Veith - Hannahbah Sloan2nd Place - Website Design Team #1
Sophia Nez3rd Place - Fundamental Accounting
Kayla Badoni3rd Place - Presentation Individual
Caleb Kester3rd Place - Computer Network Technology
Noah Dineyazhe3rd Place - Digital Media Production
Zalainya Begay3rd Place - Interview Skills
Jacob Martin3rd Place - Medical Coding
Alijah Salas4th Place - Fundamental Accounting
Canon Begay4th Place - Banking Finance
Rodzaiah Curtis4th Place - Business Law & Ethics
Kylie Manus5th Place - Business Law & Ethics
Miracle Broderick5th Place - Word Processing Fundamental
Kamira Bedah5th Place - Health Administration Procedures
KCHS Ignite Easter Egg

KCHS Ignite Club Hosted Easter Egg Hunt for Freshman Class.

KIRTLAND, NM - The event, which took place during school hours, saw students filling colorful eggs with candy in preparation for the hunt. Those who participated had a fantastic time searching for hidden eggs.

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Meeting Date

April 15th 2024 Monday - 6 P.M - ONLINE - Officer Plan Meeting

Daily Announcement

April 10th 2024