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TBA Film Makers win New Mexico Audience Choice Award

TBA Film Makers

Tsé Bit A'í Middle School students in the filmmakers club won the Audience Choice award at the 2022 New Mexico Film Festival.
On Sunday, April 24, Mrs. Marichelle De Ramos Film Makers Club was announced the Audience Choice award, which was live-streamed on the Film Festival's YouTube channel: Film Prize Junior New Mexico 2022 Awards Ceremony. The video according to the students was intended to become a scary movie. However, the film took a turn in the end.
When asked if students learned anything while filming their short video, they expressed how they appreciate their Navajo culture more while being pushed outside their "comfort zone." Jaron Henderson, an actor and narrator in the beginning of TBA's short film said becoming a different character was fun and is considering media as a career. Ryan Dee, a student in the film club said he was glad to reconnect with culture again. "Over time I relearned my culture, even though I have been raised in it," Ryan said.

Below you will find the casting list of what each student did in their roles:

Pharrell Nez - Director
Carly Begay - Assistant Director
Ryder Garnenez - Main Character
Ryan Dona - Storyboard and side character
Cheyenne Spencer - Storyboard
Jayda Cury - Actor
Jaron Henderson - Narrator and Actor
Lelend Chee - Actor
Stevie Begay - Script
Serenity Watchman - Editing

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