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Thank you from Superintendent Steve Carlson | 2 MILL LEVY

November 10, 2023

To all of the voters within the CCSD community,

I would like to express sincere appreciation on behalf of the Central Consolidated School Board,  our students and families, and me and my staff, for the support you showed in the recent elections.  As you all know, our district requested voters to approve the renewal of the 2 mil levy, which helps the District provide quality learning facilities for our students and to maintain and make improvements to our schools.  The voters in our district voted overwhelmingly to approve the renewal of this funding so we will have the ability to upgrade and improve district facilities for our children.  So a big THANK YOU to our community for always supporting our schools and our children, and for having the confidence in us to make good use of this funding.  We promise to be good stewards of your trust.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our school board members and to talk just a bit about the results of the board elections.  First, I would like to give a shout-out to Cheryl George for her service to our school district.  Ms. George chose not to run for her seat in this election, but she has served her community well during her tenure on the board.  THANK YOU, Cheryl George, for your support of our community, our students, and myself during your time on the board.  You served with passion and commitment, and your dedication to the improvement of our schools and well-being of our children was unwavering.  

Congratulations to both Vice-president Suzette Haskie-Oberly, who ran unopposed in District 5, and to Matthew Tso, who ran unopposed in District 3, as they captured the victory in their respective districts.  Both Mrs. Haskie-Oberly and Mr. Tso are committed to serving the needs of our communities as they will begin a second stint on the CCSD school board beginning in January.  Also congratulations to Gary Montoya, who captured another win in District 2, even though his new district boundaries are quite different from those of his last victory.  I look forward to serving the needs of our students, families and community with Mrs. Haskie-Oberly, Mr. Montoya, Mr. Tso, and returning board members President Christina Aspaas and Secretary Marion Wells beginning this coming January.

Once again, thank you all for voting and thank you for your support of our children and our future!

Steve Carlson, Superintendent
Central Consolidated School District

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