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Canned Food Drive Project

Canned Food Drive

Before the break in December, Shiprock High School students created a local food drive to help their community. 1st and 3rd period Career Exploration classes donated canned foods to Shiprock Chapter house and CCSD Food Pantry. Students identified and presented the five basic themes of citizenship - honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility and courage. Stewardship, advocacy, community outreach and both professional and student organizations were discussed in detail, as well as how to apply good citizenship characteristics in the workplace. Students have also been reaching out by helping with vaccination drive throughs with the Navajo Nation Medical Center, volunteering at the local Boys and Girls club, and other local events. Shiprock High would like to thank Principal Mrs. Gallaher for allowing the students to transport the items to Shiprock Chapter House and the CCSD Administration building. Thank you to those who donated.

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