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Graduate Profile Art Contest Winners

Art Contest Winners

The winners of the Graduate Profile Art Contest are are announced as they created beautiful artwork related to "Wellness."

Central Consolidated School District created the Art Contest as an activity to raise awareness about children’s physical and mental health. Whole Child wellness is a district initiative that was identified by the Graduate Profile focus groups and survey. Students across our district participated in the art contest as we recognize the importance of art to good physical and mental wellness.

Students were nominated and voted by the public from the latest art contest survey. Leandrea Nelson, student from Newcomb High School was voted the Overall Winner of the 2022 Graduate Profile Art Contest.

Leandrea Nelson, Best of Show in the 2022 Graduate Profile Art Contest

 Congratulations to the following students as they will be recognized in the upcoming 2022-2023 Graduate Profile Art Calendar:

Leandrea Nelson - "Best in Show"
Laria Lucero
Alyson Horce
Hadley Begay
Kylton Nelson
Cian Jim
Shy Miller
Dylan Denetdale
Dashauna Begay
Emikel Williams
Daylen Eldridge
Rachael Lapahie
Elijah Peters

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