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COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

This memo is to introduce what COVID-19 Surveillance testing is and what you can expect as the district begins testing and schools begin hybrid learning in the future. It is State required only for those schools that are in hybrid learning where children are present.
The rationale behind surveillance testing, insofar as the fundamental purpose is to mitigate and monitor the spread of COVID-19, allowing for up-to-date trends and prevalence to be analyzed, in order that timely decisions be made involving interventions and response, specifically related to level of spread in the employee population and identification of asymptomatic cases for isolation. 
NMPED requires COVID-19 Surveillance testing for any schools that are in hybrid. This includes all employees including Administrators, Teachers, Food Workers. Custodians, Clerical, Nurses and any other staff located in each building. The requirement is that 5% of the employees are tested weekly. Last week was the first week that elementary schools were in hybrid so we will test 17 employees out of this group of 334.
In addition, the District Administration is mandating that all employees considered Central Office employees will be a test group and 5% of this group will be tested weekly. This group is identified as 216 employees. The number tested is calculated by the total number in the group multiplied by the 5% required. The group required to test this week is 11.
Each week we will request/expect volunteers from each group (hybrid and central office). The remaining number of employees to be tested will be randomly selected after identifying volunteers each week. 
Testing is a condition of employment just like the background checks required for employment. Please recall that all employees signed a contract addendum when base contracts were signed. This was to inform you that there would likely be further policies and procedures requiring your compliance during the pandemic. CCSD is complying with all Federal Laws, State statutes and local regulations.

You will receive another email shortly after this one requesting volunteers from both test groups, we will give 24 hours for volunteers to respond and then Finance will randomly select the rest of the 5% required. The randomly selected and volunteers will receive emails with testing sites from one of us in Human Resources. You will have 5 business days to get the test completed, you will not need to quarantine and you will send the test results to Martha Frazier in Human Resources.
  • Any employee selected for COVID-19 surveillance random testing will be allowed 2 hours paid leave, if needed to complete the testing. Please inform your supervisor and Martha Frazier.
  • If you are in one of the test groups you will receive the next email with directions and test sites.
You may direct your questions to Marlena Harvey, Martha Frazier or Margaret Trocheck in HR. Please be patient as HR is learning this process the same as time you are. We are committed to assist you in any way we can. The main HR number is (505) 598-1018 or you may look us up by email. Please use our cell numbers as we are on a rotating schedule. Please let us all work together to beat the virus causing this pandemic.

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