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In this remote learning era, there are many new ways to learn and communicate... and new responsibilities for everyone.

Here are some things you should do everyday to make sure you are striving for success:

#1 Plan your day. 

  • Having a schedule or checklist with specific details about what you will do makes it easier to check things off and feel that satisfaction of accomplishment!
  • There are daily schedules you can download for free, or you can make your own.
  • Save time to reflect on your day- acknowledge what works and change what didn't work!

#2 Check your school Gmail. 

  • Teachers send all communication through Gmail, and it's the best way to stay in touch with your teachers.
  • Classroom sends email messages to let you know about assignments and shared files for class.
  • Calendar sends you email reminders of upcoming events like Zoom/Meet.

#3 Go to class... on Zoom, Meet, or however you can.

  • Every class has at least TWO virtual meetings a week so you can get help, see examples, ask questions, and just hangout with your fellow Phoenixes!
  • Teachers know not everybody can use Zoom or Meet, but if you can't, YOU need to contact your teacher and let them know how you are doing, what you are working on, trouble you are having with work, etc...
  • Teachers also post recordings of the class on YouTube, Drive, or some other platform- get the link and watch the class later. Have paper ready to take notes and participate asynchronously! (If the teacher asks a question, pause the video and write down your answer, then start the video to check your answer.)

#4 Check your PowerSchool. 

  • Teachers are updating grades often, so check your grades often- that way don't get surprised if your grade changes. 
  • Ask questions if a grade changes and you don't know why- use Gmail to send your teacher an email! (I'm a poet & now you know it :)  )

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