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State of New Mexico Secretary of Education Comes to JNE

Students and teachers with a giant check

The NM State Secretary of Education Christopher Ruszkowski visited Judy Nelson Elementary on Monday. September 11. He was able to take a brief tour of our new building and see a lot of the classrooms in action. He stopped in Mrs. Haws's room to greet students and to present the school with a New Mexico Rising banner for our second consecutive year in A status.
Mrs. Judy Nelson for whom the school was named after also was on hand to meet Mr. Ruszkowski. When asked what she thought of JNE earning an A grade, Mrs. Nelson confidently replied, "It's no surprise. We have awesome people here!" Superintendent Dr. Colleen Bowman also presented Principal Steve Carlson with a banner praising the school for its academic achievement. Congratulations to the school staff and students who've worked so hard to make this school grade a reality -- WAY TO GO, MUSTANGS!!!

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