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From the FCC’s Office of Native Affairs and Policy

The Federal Communications Commission’s Office of Native Affairs and Policy just announced that on May 12, 2021, eligible households will be able to apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit.
This temporary benefit will provide eligible consumers with a discount of up to $50 a month on the cost of broadband service and associated equipment rentals, or up to $75 a month for eligible households on qualifying Tribal lands. All eligible households may also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 toward the cost of a laptop, desktop or tablet computer purchased from a participating broadband provider, subject to a modest copay requirement. The EBB Program will conclude when the $3.2 billion fund is expended or six months after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, whichever occurs first.
Beginning on May 12 households can apply in three ways:
  • Contact your preferred participating broadband provider directly to learn about their application process.
  • Go to GetEmergencyBroadband.org to apply online and to find participating providers near you.
  • Call 833-511-0311 for a mail-in application, and return it along with proof of eligibility to:
    • Emergency Broadband Support Center, P.O. Box 7081, London, KY  40742
Earlier this week, the FCC hosted a webinar that provided an overview of the benefit, eligibility criteria, how to apply, and the FCC’s partner toolkit materials.  If you missed the event live, a recording can be viewed online here: https://www.fcc.gov/news-events/events/2021/04/emergency-broadband-benefit-webinar-consumers-and-outreach-partners

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