FAQs for Staff
The following FAQs are intended to update guidance by clarifying questions with answers since our schools will be physically closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.
Q: Are CCSD staff able to access the school buildings during the closure?
A: At this time, we are currently not allowing access to any of our buildings for safety concerns.  We have also drastically reduced our staffing levels to ensure we are following the federal guidelines and NM Governor’s orders. We are making these decisions based on factoids about the COVID-19 pandemic.
Q: Do essential and non-essential employees still get paid from April 6 to the end of the contract year '19-'20?
A: Employees will continue to be paid from April 6 to end of year. The continued use of staff and contractors is crucial for implementing each district’s Continuous Learning Plan, delivering meals, and performing other essential operations for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.
District staff should follow and perform the activities listed in the Business Operations During School Closure Memo that NMPED issued on March 17. The Governor expects all school personnel to be available to conduct business during the closing and to continue being paid as usual.
If an attempt to work cannot be done or completed under the circumstances, paid leave or vacation will need to be entered, if available. Also, unemployment insurance is available. Please see information below on how to file.
Q: How do I file for unemployment, if needed?
A: If you are an employee of CCSD, you will continue to be paid as if school were in session.  This means that an attempt to work must be made in order to be paid. As of Monday, March 16, 2020, the work-search requirement was waived for anyone whose job is affected by COVID-19 who seeks unemployment compensation. Unemployment eligibility has been extended to include the following circumstances:
  • Workers who are self-quarantined or directed to be quarantined, or who have immediate family who is quarantined.
  • Workers who have their hours reduced as a result of COVID-19.
Following a one-week waiting period, these workers could receive up to $433 per week. Affected workers are highly encouraged to apply for benefits online here: https://www.dws.state.nm.us/en-us/. You can call (877) 664-6984, but online is the preferred option.
Q: Are Personal Protective Equipment or PPE, gloves, and masks available for our essential and non-essential workers?
A: Yes; however, there is a shortage in supply due to demand from federal, state, and local levels. We highly recommend that employees wear N95 or the ear-loop face mask at all times when other people are present. We highly recommend that employees keep social distancing in practice. **DUE TO THE SHORTAGE OF FACE MASKS, here is a resource for Cloth masks as described by the CDC.
The Operations Department has been in contact with our National supplier and more PPE (specifically face masks) should be delivered to our warehouse by April 13 or 14.  Our current supply of gloves should be adequate to see us through to the end of May 2020.