sfABERGOSIn the photo: The Middle School Best in Show goes to Mel Lawrence Abergos of Kirtland Middle School.

Congratulations to the following future scientists and their great work at the CCSD Science Fair 2020:

Elementary School

Animal Science: Kraig Gilbert (1st place)

Behavioral & Social Science: Jazelle Thompson (1st place), Leigha Descheene (2nd place), Zoey Banyacya (3rd place)

Chemistry: Akira Curley (1st place), Madison Henderson (2nd place), Alba Allen (3rd place)

Computer: Elysse Woods (1st place)

Engineering: Iosefo Mauga (1st place), DeMarcus Blackhorse (2nd place), Elizabeth Yazzie (3rd place)

Earth and Planetary Science: Hayden Gale (1st place)

Energy and Transportation: Erial Pablo (1st place), Jayson Lano (2nd place)

Environmental Science: Kailenna Mason-Presley

Best in Show: Iosefo Mauga

sf5In the photo: The Elementary School Best in Show goes to Iosefo Mauga of Kirtland Elementary School.

Middle School

Behavioral Health and Social Science: Kinvel Binas (1st place), Jude Thomas (2nd place), Makayla Shorty (3rd place)

Biology: Ana Cheezum (1st place), Kambreya Dinae (2nd place), Ryeanron Floralde (3rd place)

Chemistry: Mel Abergos (1st place), Maxim Martizano (2nd place), Olivia Miller (3rd place)

Engineering: Rashaun Dale (1st place), Aicel Bueno (2nd place), Nellanei Kee (3rd place)

Earth and Planetary Science: Jamie Shorty (1st place), Ireland Shorty (2nd place), Delilah Henderson (3rd place)

Environmental Science: Lewis Campbell (1st place)

Energy and Transportation: Ashton Bitsilly (1st place), Shaine Joe (2nd place)

Microbiology: Jaylynn Bileen (1st place)

Physics and Astronomy: Rhys Balasuit (1st place) Kaleah Redshirt (2nd place), Maysah Nolan (3rd place)

Medicine and Health: Kailiah Peters (1st place), Lia Venturina (2nd place), Nevaughn Begay (3rd place)

Best in Show: Mel Lawrence Abergos

Our students will be competing at the Regional Science Fair on March 6-7, at San Juan College. Wish them luck (and plenty of rest the night before and a good breakfast the day of).