Analisha Toledo 001Analisha Toledo didn’t know she was the first CCSD student to receive the Navajo Nation Seal of Bilingual Proficiency. When she found out, she said she was surprised and really honored.
The seal of the Navajo Nation is added to a student’s high school diploma, after completion of a test that demonstrates that the student speaks Navajo accurately, conjugating verbs correctly and conveying meaning through complex sentences. The test is available for graduating high school seniors only.
“It is an honor to have the seal and to be the first to receive it,” said Analisha, who learned Navajo speaking the language at home, later learning English at school. To this day, Analisha speaks Navajo at home, making sure her niece and nephews learn it just as she has.
“All of us at Central Schools are ecstatic that one of our students will graduate with the Navajo Nation Seal on their diploma. It means that the Navajo language is being preserved, which is one of our missions as a district. It is also our hope that Analisha is a role model and an inspiration to other students that want to preserve their language and have this great honor on their diplomas,” said Dr. Berlinda Begay, CCSD Multicultural/Bilingual Coordinator.
Analisha Toledo, of Kirtland Central High School, will graduate this year and attend San Juan College, where she will study Business Administration.