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The goal of the San Juan County Career Expo? To get students to start thinking about their careers before entering high school, and that the work to get to a satisfying career starts now. The expo, which gathered more than 400 CCSD students on February 1st, was organized by San Juan College.
“We want to let the students know there are many opportunities out there to create the life they want to lead,” said Darah Tabrum, CCSD Coordinator of College Academies. “It's never too early to dream if you're willing to work for it. You just need to put forth your best effort”.
Middle school students from Aztec, Heights, Mesa View, Tibbets, Bloomfield, Hermosa and Central Schools were invited to meet with local businesses and employers from San Juan County, like Citizens Bank, Wells Fargo and the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.
Career Expo 02 19 19
The opportunity that these students have to experience an event of this kind and speak to local companies to gauge whether this is a career they want to go into could be so impactful, event organizers said.
Prior to the expo, the students completed a career interest inventory, so that when the time came to participate in the event they would know where to go. A majority of Tsé Bit A'í Middle School students, for example, were interested in the Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation fields. Kirtland Middle School leaned on the Computer Science, Information Technology and Cybersecurity fields, while Newcomb Middle School placed a heavier interest in Education, Social Services and Public Safety fields.
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