Spelling Bee 2019
Congratulations to Kirtland Middle School student Rhys Balasuit, winner of this year’s CCSD Spelling Bee, a competition he has now won for the second year in a row. To win, Rhys had to spell an extra word, which was ‘rapport,’ a noun meaning ‘a friendly, harmonious relationship.’
Second and third place went to Aubrey Billy and Autumn Benally, from Kirtland Elementary and Tsé Bit A'í Middle, respectively.
CCSD’s winners will represent the district at the San Juan County Spelling Bee on January 28. The top three winners of the San Juan County competition then go on to the state championship.
The CCSD Spelling Bee took place on January 17, 2019, at the Brooks/Isham Performing Arts Center in Kirtland, which will also host the San Juan County Spelling Bee.