Navajo Times All Stars 06Thirty-seven CCSD athletes were honored at a ceremony hosted by the Navajo Times at the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center on Friday, December 7, 2018. The ceremony also included a special recognition for one of our coaches.
The Navajo Times All-Star honorees are vetted by the newspaper, after receiving nomination forms by high school coaches for the 2018 Fall Sports season. The annual event recognizes the best in sports from the area, from Chinle and Crownpoint, to Tuba City and Monument Valley.
Special honors were given to:
  • Deondre Begay, 2018 Fall Sports All-Area All-Star Football Player of the Year, Newcomb High School (in photo, holding his award)
  • Kashon Harrison, 2018 Fall Sports All-Area All-Star Boys Cross-Country Runner of the Year, Kirtland Central High School
  • Greg Jenks, 2018 Fall Sports All-Area All-Star Football Coach of the Year, Kirtland Central High School
This year’s CCSD honorees are (by sport):
Navajo Times All Stars 08Girls Cross-Country
  • Aisha Ramone, Kirtland Central
  • Tiajhae Nez, Kirtland Central
  • Michaela Hawkins, Kirtland Central
  • Ryeshiandall Jim, Newcomb
  • Kaydence Platero, Shiprock
  • Khadija Lapahie, Shiprock
  • Elena Hardy, Shiprock
Boys Cross-Country
  • Kashon Harrison, Kirtland Central
  • Osean Nez, Kirtland Central
  • Jacob Hawkins, Kirtland CentralNavajo Times All Stars 07
  • Torrell Tracy, Newcomb
  • Colton Willie, Shiprock
  • Trystan Hale, Shiprock
  • Kambree Pierro, Kirtland Central
  • Gabrianna White-David, Kirtland Central
  • Peanut Dryden, Kirtland Central
  • Shaina Brown, Newcomb
Girls Soccer
  • Jayden Guillory, Kirtland Central
  • Marissa Henry, Kirtland CentralNavajo Times All Stars 13
  • Hayden Alldredge, Kirtland Central
  • Nikkinna Begay, Kirtland Central
Boys Soccer
  • Anesio Villegas, Kirtland Central
  • Mykal Nocki, Kirtland Central
  • Ethan Yazzie, Kirtland Central
  • Kyler Joe, Kirtland Central
  • Cadan Flack, Kirtland Central
  • Navajo Times All Stars 11Cadyn Hartsfield, Kirtland Central
  • Jarryd Pollard, Kirtland Central
  • Isaac Thomas, Kirtland Central
  • Jacob Franco, Kirtland Central
  • Deondre Begay, Newcomb
  • Kenny Watchman, Newcomb
  • Deontay Begay, Newcomb
  • Tracy Bryant, Newcomb
  • Tyler Ellison, Newcomb
  • Tyris Newton, Shiprock
  • Alfred Smart, Shiprock