For Our Little Ones 297The winning poster was selected from more than 200 entries, from kindergarten to 6th grade students. Posters were submitted to the Arizona Public Service Safety Poster Contest from Nenahnezad Community School and CCSD’s Ojo Amarillo Elementary School.
The winner was Ojo Amarillo student Kiana Tsosie, a composed and eloquent second grader.
The poster consists of a rainbow filled with color-coded safety messages.
“The color blue means be aware of where you are. Purple means protect yourself front and back. Red means stop, reject if somebody tells you to go with him/her. Orange means be obedient to safety, meaning follow the safety rules. Green means go away from bad things. Yellow means yield and slow down to think. All the hands below represent all of the kids from Ojo Amarillo Elementary School,” explained Kiana.
“To me, the rainbow represents healing. When I see a rainbow, it reminds me of Ashlynne, because it’s beautiful and peaceful. I made this poster, because of Ashlynne Mike. She was the sweetest girl ever,” said the Kiana during the Ashlynne Mike Memorial Run, on April 28, when the winning poster was announced.
For Our Little Ones 316
“Kiana’s work shows just how talented our students are, but also how they are absorbing the lessons being taught at our schools regarding safety and awareness. I’m very impressed with Kiana, and her thoughtfulness,” said Superintendent Dr. Colleen W. Bowman.
The contest was organized by Arizona Public Service, Arizona’s largest electric company.
“Safety is the number one priority at Arizona Public Service, so I believe it is important to promote child safety awareness so children learn to spot hazards and stay safe,” said Terry Dayish, Arizona Public Service senior consultant, regarding the poster contest and the theme.
Schools were urged to promote and oversee the child safety poster contest in their respective schools. The students were asked to create a poster related to child safety. A group of community volunteers judged and selected the winner using rules for poster design and judging standards criteria.
For Our Little Ones 161Suzanna and Everett Tsosie with their daughters Kiana (center) and Katlyn.
The winning design has been sent to a print shop to be made into an official poster for child safety awareness. The poster will be displayed at Arizona Public Service.
Kiana was also recognized during the 3rd annual Talent Show at Ojo Amarillo Elementary School, in front of parents and students, shortly before she performed with her class.