Arpelar Photos 3Update: Shiprock High School got third place in the 4A State Chess Championship. Also, Newcomb High School and Career Prep High School got third place in 1A to 3A State Chess Championship. Congratulations!
For the first time, all Central Schools high schools will be present to represent the district at the NMAA State Team Chess Tournament taking place today and tomorrow in Albuquerque. A group of 29 students and staff left for the tournament earlier today, ready for the mind sport.
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Full results:
5A/6A: 1st - Los Alamos, 2nd - ABQ Academy, 3rd - Rio Rancho
4A: 1st - Santa Fe Indian School; 2nd - St. Michael's; 3rd – Shiprock High School
A/3A: 1st - AIMS; 2nd - ATC, 3rd – Newcomb High School