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DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of every bidder or offeror to ensure they have downloaded the latest version of each solicitation, including any addendum(s) which may have been issued, by revisiting this website prior to the due date before submitting their response to the Central Consolidated School District. All addendums must be acknowledged in the response.
Any listed solicitation does not obligate the Central Consolidated School District for any cost(s) associated with any response preparation, the return of a response, and is not to be considered a contract for any purchase of goods, services, or construction.
Please note that all bids must be submitted by the due date and time as stated in the bid documents. Central Consolidated School District does not accept responses electronically, by fax or email. Proposals must be submitted as a hardcopy with original signature. Allow one (1) additional business day for internal CCSD mail distribution. Responses arriving after the due date or time will be returned unopened.
Current Bids / Sole Source / Request for Proposal Addendum Due Date
2020-SSO-134 Special Education Teacher Addendum  July 14, 2020
2020-SSO-131 Audiologist Addendum  March 10, 2020
2020-SSO-130 Diagnostician Addendum  March 10, 2020
2020-SSO-133 OTCOTA Addendum  March 10, 2020
2020-SSO-132 School Psychologist Addendum  March 10, 2020
Auto Chlor Systems of Albuquerque  -  -
HUDL  -  -
Open Text  -  -

Important Information

Bids and RFPs Archive
Contact Purchasing

Purchasing Supervisor
Christi Walter
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please direct all vendor solicitations or questions to:
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Emergency Procurement

The emergency Procurement method may only be used where there exists a threat to public health, welfare, safety or property requiring procurement under emergency conditions. (NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-127)
Description Department Amount
Pro Tow Transportation $247.19
Interstate Recovery Towing Maintenance $500
Rose Bros Heating Cooling Mechanical   $8142.11

Price Agreements & Contracts
Sole Source

A Sole source purchase is defined as only one supplier for the required service, construction or item of tangible personal property, to the best of the Purchasing Department’s knowledge based on market research. Sole source purchases are made in accordance with 13-1-126 NMSA 1978.
A sole source determination is not effective until the determination has been approved, in writing by the Chief Procurement Officer or designee even if signed by the department and/or school, or prospective contractor.

Vendor Registration

Important Academics Information

***Links for Families and Educators

  • Amazing Educational Resources: A list of educational companies offering free educational subscriptions due to school closings.
  • Brainpop.com: A resource that allows students and teachers to be involved in the learning process. CCSD already uses this great tool.
  • Edgenuity.com: Students can use Edgenuity for their credit recovery classes.
  • Greatminds.org/math: Great Minds offers the Eureka Math curriculum as PDF downloads for free. The curriculum is accompanied by a selection of instructional materials and support resources for teachers at no additional cost.
  • Istation.com: Students in grades K-8 can still use iStation for ELA and Math during the closure.
  • Scholastic.com/support/learnathome: Scholastic has curated a free digital learning hub designed to support virtual learning plans, called “Scholastic Learn At Home.” It allows open access to daily learning journeys divided into four grade spans—Pre-K–K, Grades 1–2, Grades 3–5, and Grades 6–9+, covering ELA, STEM, Science, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Contact Academics

Kassy Lopez, Ph.D., Instructional Coordinator
(505) 368-4984 ext. 20177  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Judy Geisinger, Instructional Coach
(505) 368-4984 ext. 20178  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bobby Sutherland, Instructional Coach
(505) 368-4984 ext. 20179  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dr. Sam Eckhart, Instructional Coach
(505) 368-4984  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Academic Coach

  • Develop curriculum, instructional materials, and assessments.
  • Model lessons in classrooms as needed.
  • Support the instructional development of all teachers in understanding the NM Common Core State Standards and varied assessments, the Framework for Teaching, and data analysis.
  • Provide direction and coordination for how the curriculum is taught consistent with District initiatives and recognized best instructional practices.
  • Create an articulated schedule with building administration.
  • Assist teachers in understanding CCSD mission and core values.
  • Provide technical support to collaborative teams within buildings.
  • Assist teachers with resources, materials, tools, information, etc. to support classroom instruction and planning, including new resources.
  • Support teachers and administrators in using data to improve instruction on all levels.
  • Assist teachers with planning and pacing of lessons, the development of differentiated lessons, and the selection of best practices to meet the needs of their students.
  • Support teachers by helping with the multiple instructional strategies/processes during planning times.
  • Informally observe (non-evaluative) lessons and provide feedback for a teacher’s professional growth and students’ success.
  • Develop staff members’ knowledge and skills through a variety of professional development targeted topics and designs.
  • Develop coaching plans for teachers to ensure student improvement.
  • Assist in devising and implementing a district-wide assessment system to chart student achievement.
  • Support teachers in providing intensive ELL strategies, at all levels of proficiency, to meet the instructional needs of identified students, as required by State and Federal mandates.
  • Attend all District professional development trainings related to the position of Instructional Coach.
  • Remain current best instructional practices by attending professional conferences, events, workshops, webinar's, and educational book studies as required.
  • Align work time to goals and objectives of the district school improvement plan.
  • Comply with all Board of Education policies, administrative regulations, Public Education Department guidelines, and local, state and federal laws.
  • Perform additional job responsibilities as assigned.

Speech and Language Links

YouTube is one of my most utilized speech therapy resources. I love that it is free, and new content is always being added. YouTube allows me to plan no prep/low prep therapy and to cover a lot of different goals. Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels: