We are honored to announce that three recent CCSD graduates have earned the New Mexico Bilingualism-Biliteracy Seal for Spanish Language. The students are Alvaro Garcia, Neftali Camacho, and Luis Camacho, all of Kirtland Central High School.

The Bilingual and Biliteracy Seal will appear on their high school diploma and transcript, certifying that the recipients are proficient for meaningful use in college, a career, or to meet a local community language need.

Alvaro GarciaAlvaro Garcia: “I have spoken Spanish since I was little and continued since then. I played high school soccer for four years with a great team and coach. This year we won district for the first time in years. After high school, I plan to enroll at San Juan College and New Mexico Tech.  While I am there, I will study petroleum engineering and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.”



The graduates completed an assessment for language proficiency in a language other than English. The NM Public Education Department allowed the students to be assessed in other forms such as interviews, essays, portfolios and other alternatives to demonstrate proficiency, due to the current the pandemic.

Neftali CamachoNeftali Camacho: “I am proud to be one of the first students to ever get the Bilingual Seal in Kirtland Central High school history. I have decided to attend San Juan to start my credits then will transfer to another college. I am planning to become a realtor broker. This Bilingual Seal will help me show that I can communicate not only in English but also in Spanish to my clients. This will be a great opportunity to help members of the Hispanic community.”


Dr. Berlinda Begay, Coordinator of the CCSD Bilingual Multicultural Education Program (BMEP), and Mr. Leonel Camacho, Spanish teacher for Kirtland Central High School, proctored the assessment, and facilitated the online testing.

Luis CamachoLuis Camacho: “I am honored to be one of the first students to ever to be awarded the Spanish bilingual seal, and after high school I plan to put it to good use. I plan to go to college in San Juan for two years and transfer out to another college to get my master’s in student counseling. Then hopefully return to Kirtland and work in the same place I graduated.”



BMEP will provide the graduates with their Bilingual-Biliteracy diploma along with their stoles. This is the first time that CCSD has awarded the Bilingual Seal in Spanish.  Last year, CCSD awarded the first Bilingual Seal in Navajo.

We would like to salute these graduates for their great accomplishment. A recognition of their achievement will take place during a school board meeting in July 2020.