Dear community,
I accepted the Board of Education’s request to be acting superintendent, because Central Schools is a great place to work in. My experience in the district for the last four years has been invaluable to me, both personally and professionally. I want to thank the Board for their trust in me during this time of transition.
I would like our students, staff and community to know that the district’s mission and goals remain the same, guided by the incredible things that are happening every day at Centrals Schools.
We have great students and great professionals in the district, and they remain our priority. We want to hear from our stakeholders and make sure they continue to have a voice in the district. Our plans and projects will continue as scheduled, and please know that we will dedicate all the necessary time and effort to make sure they are completed successfully.
We are a one vision, one mission district. Thank you for all you do to make our schools great places to learn and work in.
Dr. Dave Goldtooth, Interim Superintendent
CCSD Administration