KeAndria BegayeYou can see last year’s winning poster as you drive north on NR36 towards Ojo Amarillo Elementary, a drawing of a rainbow filled with color-coded safety messages. The poster, now a billboard, was drawn by Kiana Tsosie, a composed and eloquent Ojo Amarillo Elementary student.
This year’s winner comes from Ojo Amarillo as well, from a thoughtful 3rd grader named KeAndria Begaye.
Her drawing consists of two children keeping each other safe in their community. KeAndria had drawn the poster in second grade, while thinking about safety and the advice of her parents: don’t talk to strangers even if they have candy, and keep a close eye on your (younger) sister when we go shopping.
“I stay close to my sister when we go to the market, to make sure she is safe,” said KeAndria.
Her teacher, Autumn Shone, was delighted that she won.
“KeAndria is great at looking out for herself and others. She is a great leader in the classroom,” said Ms. Shone.
Principal Dr. Pandora Mike congratulated KeAndria, and added that safety and community are messages that are always emphasized in her communications to students and parents.
“I encourage parents to speak to our students about being responsible, polite, prepared and safe at all times, on a bus, to and from school, at the bus stop, and especially after school,” said Dr. Mike.
The annual contest is organized by Arizona Public Service, Arizona’s largest electric company. For the contest, students are asked to create a poster related to child safety. A group of community volunteers judges the artwork and selects the winner based on rules for poster design and judging standards criteria.
Posters were submitted from several schools in the Four Corners area. This year’s winner was announced during the May 11 Ashlynne Mike Memorial Run. You will be able to see KeAndria’s poster on your way to Ojo Amarillo Elementary in the coming months, also on NR36, near Northern Edge Casino.