Dr Chee Teacher of the YearEarlier this month, the National Johnson-O'Malley Association awarded our very own Dr. Joseph Chee as the Teacher of the Year. The announcement took place during NJOMA’s annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Dr. Chee, a Navajo Bilingual Teacher at Career Preparatory High School, was recognized for his outstanding leadership role in addressing and raising awareness for the preservation of Diné Language and Culture.
“When you live the Navajo language and culture your personal practical journey comes to life without a destination. In addition, as you come to solidarity with the Navajo language and culture it is understood at a much deeper level with emotional content. This then provides the practitioner and learners a holistic approach in discovering vital information about how Navajo language and culture are key ingredients to our personal adventures. It also enhances greater gratitude towards our engagement in learning the Navajo language and culture with dignity,” said Dr. Chee.
Dr. Chee has been teaching for more than 26 years, 17 of those at the faculty of Career Prep. Currently, he teaches social studies, Navajo language, and Navajo history through Diné College. In April of 2017, the New Mexico Public Education Department named Dr. Chee as Indian Educator of the Year.