With classes already under way at Central Consolidated School District, we asked principals from our schools to share their goals for the academic year. So, how did they respond? Below you can find their responses.
Principal Deborah Belone, Newcomb Elementary School
Our 2018-2019 school year goal, it is to give teachers a set of skills that will not only empower them to be more culturally responsive to our Diné students, but to instill them with valuable strategies that has proven to work effectively with ALL levels of learners.
Dr. Pandora Mike, Ojo Amarillo Elementary School
Our key focus areas for improvement include establishing a system of extra supports for our lowest-performing students and improving our current standing scores. Ojo Staff is committed to helping every student achieve academic success and becoming responsible, productive citizens using reflective practices in teaching and learning.
Steve Carlson, Judy Nelson Elementary School
Our most important goal is to make sure that learning comes first every day. We will challenge our students to develop the literacy and numeracy skills they need in order to succeed as they progress in their education. We will do our best to make sure this learning happens in the safest environment.
Ethel Manuelito, Newcomb Middle School
We aim to focus on strengthening Tier 1 instruction in all our classrooms, foster collaboration among our teachers, staff, students, parents and other community members, and improve our school culture. As a family and as a community of learners, we will work together to ensure all students achieve a high standard of growth in reading and math in preparation for high school, college and career readiness.
Dr. Rebecca Benedict, Kirtland Central High School
Our goal this year is to continue to build upon our foundation of good work and focus on increasing our PARRC scores in both Math and ELA. Athletics and clubs will remain an integral part of the overall education of our students, while plans are underway to celebrate student and staff successes. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with our parents to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential.
Ruth Babcock, Eva B. Stokely Elementary School
I am so excited to be at Eva B. Stokely!  The staff and students at EBS have worked diligently to maintain a “B,” and we plan to work to become an “A” school.  We will be intensifying our data-informed instruction to continue to increase the proficiency levels of our students in all areas, specifically focusing on improving language skills across the curriculum. Please join us for monthly parent meetings and help support our school!
Shirleen Rivers, Mesa Elementary School (Acting Principal)
Teachers will continue to collaborate in weekly vertical grade level meetings emphasizing on data analysis of students to drive our instruction. Teachers are utilizing multiple resources provided by the district coaches to differentiate instruction to best meet student needs. Mesa Elementary will also continue to provide opportunities for parent involvement activities.
Jeffrey Sagor, Newcomb High School
Our first goal is to incorporate more of the community and cultural strengths into our classrooms through guest speakers and culturally relevant teachers. Our second goal is to extend our students learning through increased participation in our athletics program such as cross country or wrestling and afterschool activities, such as tutoring or chess club. Our final key goal for this upcoming school year is to increase the amount of outside reading that our students partake in.