Safety ForumRecent events, locally and nationwide, have thrust the issues of student and school safety to the forefront of our thoughts, our conversations and our actions. Central Consolidated School District students have many questions, concerns and opinions regarding the issues of school and student safety. Therefore, each CCSD school will host a safety forum on Wednesday, March 14, that coincide with national events.
Each safety forum will be age-appropriate and will provide students opportunities to express their concerns and opinions. CCSD would like to assure parents that these forums are only a platform for students’ voices to be heard, they are not intended for children to hear the opinions or views of CCSD staff. Some topics that could be discussed at the different school levels are listed below.
Focus on safety, anti-bullying efforts and how to react to an emergency. Students might be asked if they know what to do if there is an emergency, if they know who to talk to if they feel scared at school and/or if they know how to report a threat.
Secondary (middle and high schools)
Focus on safety, anti-bullying efforts, reacting to an emergency, education on the consequences of false threats and reporting threats. Students might be asked if they know how to report a threat and if they know what actions to take in case of emergencies like active shooters or intruders.
Open discussions on school safety could occur as an opportunity for students to voice their concerns. These open discussion will allow teachers, counselors and administration to gauge students’ feelings and provide other resources, like counseling, if necessary.
Most forums will take place in about 19 minutes, one minute for every victim of the Parkland, Florida tragedy and one minute for the two victims of the Aztec High School tragedy. CCSD received guidance on how to conduct these forums from many outside agencies including the New Mexico Public Education Department, local safety agencies, local law enforcement and local Native American cultural experts.
Should parents want to visit schools during the forums, they will need to follow all CCSD district procedures, including signing in at the front office and providing a state-issued, picture ID. If you have concerns or would like specifics on school events, please call your student’s school.
At Central Consolidated School District, safety has been and will always be our highest priority. These forums are designed to keep safety on everyone’s mind during such unsettling times. CCSD believes that educating our students on how we can prevent, react and recover from tragic events is a necessary step we must take for the well-being of our children.