Dr Bowman 2
Welcome to the first edition of the Superintendent’s Message and thank you for taking the time to read about the happenings in our District. Our newsletter, Hane’, is intended to allow parents, community members and other district partners an inside look at all the great things happening in Central Consolidated School District. Each edition will feature stories from all levels of education including Pre-K, elementary, middle school and high school as well as athletics. There will also be stories and information about the dedicated teachers and staff at CCSD and the extraordinary alumni who have passed through our hallways, collected their diplomas and gone on to do great things in their careers.
As the superintendent of CCSD for two years now, I know there are so many good stories we can tell you. In a world where the gloomiest headlines are read by the most eyes, I hope Hane’ offers everyone an opportunity to see the best of our society — our children and those who serve them. However, we cannot ignore the tragedies that occur in our schools across the nation on almost a daily basis. The tragedy at Aztec High School in December has brought the issue of safety in our schools to the forefront. I encourage you to read how CCSD is putting safety first and how every parent can play a part in keeping our schools safe.
Additionally, parents can also play a key role in preventing and reporting vandalism and false threats on our campuses, problems that have continued to grow in our district. Vandalism, and the efforts needed to clean up and prevent such acts, as well as false threats take time and resources away from classrooms. CCSD needs every person’s help in controlling the growth of these acts at our schools.
Also in this edition of Hane’, you can read about CCSD’s newest endeavor, the Bond Wilson Technical Center (BWTC) in Kirtland. BWTC will be home to new, innovative programs that will introduce our students to technical careers available to them in our region. We hope to not only spark their curiosity about different careers, but also give them hiring preferences through internships, externships and curriculum designed by local industry partners. The model and strategic plan for BWTC is unlike anything this state or this country has ever seen and we are excited to be blazing this trail for our students. 
Great things are happening at BWTC and there also are amazing things happening in every building of our district on any given day. Kashon Harrison, just a junior at Kirtland Central High School, has emerged as one of the best cross country runners in the entire country. He represented KCHS at the Foot Locker National Championship in Walnut, California and finished in the top 15 of more than 40 world-class runners. Not to be outdone, students participating in school-sponsored activities like LEGO robotics teams have had excellent showings at their own competitions. In Newcomb, students, like Jade Underwood, and teachers, like Guila Curley, are setting a standard of excellence that has been recognized locally and nationally. 
Finally, I would like to remind parents and community members of the New Mexico State Legislative which is currently in session and is scheduled to continue until February 15. We encourage everyone to stay current on bills and issues that will affect our students. Rest assured that CCSD administration is working hard with our state representatives and state senators to create legislation, relationships and opportunities that will benefit our students and our district as a whole. 
I hope your New Year has begun successfully and look forward to many more months of education, innovation and motivation before this school year ends in May.